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  • Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee Continues Draft EIS Discussion

    The Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC) met in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, May 23-25. MRRIC members visited the Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery and Gavins Point Dam, in Yankton, South Dakota, where they learned about efforts to supplement the population of the endangered pallid sturgeon and about flood risk management efforts and hydropower operations at the dam. They also toured an 18-mile stretch of the Missouri River by boat to see firsthand the recovery efforts for the Least Tern and Piping Plover.
  • MRRIC Tours Missouri River, Gavins Point

    At a typical meeting of the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC), members and visitors generally see a standard conference room complete with name placards, PowerPoint presentations, coffee pots (what’s a conference without coffee?), and microphones. On May 22, however, MRRIC traded those in for a day in the field learning about the workings of a hydroelectric plant and about three threatened and endangered species.

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