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Adaptive Management

What is it?

Adaptive Management (AM) is a decision-making process that promotes collaboration, flexible decision-making, and learning from the outcomes of management actions. This decision-making process ultimately leads to more effective decisions and enhanced benefits from projects.

More information on Adaptive Management is a available in the Department of Interior Adaptive Management Technical Guide.  The most current version of the Adaptive Management Plan is available from the Management Plan page.

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To address uncertainties associated with implementation of the Missouri River Recovery Program, an Adaptive Management Process has been developed which will be used to integrate planning, implementation and monitoring and investigations activities across the program and ensure that relevant, high quality information is available and used in decision-making.


By applying Adaptive Management principles and process to the Missouri River Recovery Program, the Corps seeks to accomplish the following goals:

  • Involve MRRIC, stakeholders, Tribes, and other federal and state agencies in the MRRP decision-making process
  • Integrate Planning, implementation, and monitoring & investigations activities
  • Ensure monitoring and investigations are directly tied to objectives
  • Ensure data is collected, analyzed, and documented in a way that results in learning from the outcomes of management actions and influences decision-making regarding management actions
  • Ensure that necessary adjustments are made to the MRRP to achieve success in meeting objectives (including benefits to threatened and endangered species)