US Army Corps of Engineers
Omaha District

Montana Regulatory Offices

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Post Office Box 2256
Billings, Montana 59103
Ph: 406-657-5910
Fax: 406-657-5911

10 West 15th Street, Suite 2200
Helena, Montana 59626
Ph: 406-441-1375
Fax: 406-441-1380

1600 North Ave. West, Suite 105
Missoula, Montana 59801
Ph: 406-541-4845
Fax: 406-541-4849

Public Notices

  • NWO-2011-01760-MTH

    Expiration date: 6/28/2019

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, is evaluating a request by Montana Aquatic Resources Services to add an In-Lieu Fee compensatory mitigation site to the Program’s Instrument, established in January 2013. The Proposed Site Plan is the first phase of mitigation site evaluation, it is intended to determine whether the site has enough potential to warrant development of a Draft Mitigation Site plan with significantly more detail.

  • NWO-1992-90493-MTH

    Expiration date: 6/18/2019

    Bank Stabilization on the Shields River - Hayhook Ranch

  • NWO-2011-01404-MTB

    Expiration date: 6/4/2019

    Bank stabilization along the Musselshell River, Brad Kinsey