Interior Design Technical Center of Expertise

The Interior Design Directory of Expertise was established in 1988 to provide customer-focised emphasis on professional interior design services and a growing need to support Headquarters, US Army Corps of Engineers. The Interior Design Directory of Expertise provides state-of-the-art technical expertise, technical support and coordination with other agencies and technical design services and advisory assistance to Corps Districts and Divisions.

The Omaha District hired the Corps’ first interior designer and had the largest staff of experienced interior designers at that time. The former center of expertise was expanded to a regional center of expertise in 1999. The expansion included interior designers in the Kansas City District.

Building-Related Interior Design services include:

  • Color coordinating materials
  • Meeting interior furnishing technical specifications
  • Providing color boards
  • Space planning
  • Providing renderings and drawings
  • Floor and wall pattern design
  • Signage and wayfinding programs
  • Establishing replacement programs for finishings in existing buildings

Furniture-Related Interior Design services include:

  • Providing furniture programming estimates
  • Providing furniture selection recommendations
  • Proposing furniture placement/layout
  • Completing furniture order forms
  • Systems furniture selection
  • Artwork
  • Window treatments
  • Establishing furniture replacement programs in existing buildings
  • Providing procurement and construction management for furniture packages