US Army Corps of Engineers
Omaha District

Public Notices

  • NWO-2010-1900-BIS

    Expiration date: 8/2/2019

    The District Engineer is evaluating a permit application from the Kindred/Davenport Airport Authority concerning a drainage improvement project at Robert Odegaard Field in Kindred, North Dakota. Existing drainage ditches at the airport are proposed to be relocated and drainage patterns changed. The main ditch would be filled, impacting approximately 1.9 acres of jurisdictional wetlands. New drainage ditches would be constructed, providing approximately 3 acres of wetlands. The project is located on the northeast side of Kindred at 111 First Avenue North. Wetlands affected are located in Section 28, Township 137 North, Range 50 West, latitude 46.648626 degrees North, Longitude -96.997241 degrees West, Kindred, Cass County, North Dakota.

  • NWO-2015-0201-BIS

    Expiration date: 7/31/2019

    The District Engineer is evaluating a permit application from Emmons County for a bank stabilization project on Corps land at Beaver Bay of Lake Oahe. The County proposes to utilize 2,779 cubic yards of fill and 1,304 cubic yards of rock to re-establish the slope and stabilize approximately 795 feet of shoreline to prevent additional sloughing affecting Beaver Bay Trail and access to the Walthers Subdivision. Work would occur between elevations 1614.22 msl and 1645.13 msl (OHWM is 1618 msl). The project is located in Sections 23 and 24, Township 132 North, Range 79 West, Latitude 46.24081degrees North, Longitude -100.526386 degrees West, Emmons County, North Dakota.

  • NWO-2018-01999-BIS

    Expiration date: 4/8/2019

    The District Engineer has received a prospectus from Little Family Farms, LLLC, for establishment of a wetland mitigation bank to provide a third party option to satisfy compensatory mitigation requirements of Department of the Army permits. The proposed bank is located in Section 36, Township 133 North, Range 53 West, Latitude 46.288450° North, Longitude -97.292772° West, Ransom County, near Wyndmere, North Dakota. The bank sponsor estimates the 475 acre site will yield 194 credits.