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Terms and acronyms for the Missouri River Recovery Program are listed by letters of the alphabet below.
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Acronym/Term Name/Description
ac.ft. acre-feet or acre-foot; a value of volume
ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
ACT Agency Coordination Team – within MRRP it usually refers to the Mitigation ACT Team, but it could also refer to the original BiOp ACT Team that later became the CORE Team.
AM Adaptive Management; a flexible decision-making process that promotes collaboration
AOP Annual Operating Plan
ARPA Archaeological Resources Protection Act
ASA(CW) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works
BA Biological Assessment
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
BSNP Missouri River Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project
BiOp US Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion
CERC Columbia Environmental Research Center
c.f.s. Cubic feet per second
CG Construction General
CORE COoperating for REcovery Team – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Missouri River Recovery Program Senior Product Delivery Team and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Corps U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
CR Conservation Recommendation (for threatened and endangered species)
CRP Construction Reference Plane - a synthesized water surface profile
CRREL Corps' Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
CSRP Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Program
CSU/DSU Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit

Civil Works

CWA Clean Water Act
CY Calendar Year

Acronym/Term Name/Description
DOD Department of Defense
DOI Department of Interior
DPR Detailed Project Report
DRGS Direct Readout Ground Station
DRM Daily Routing Model
DSS HEC-Data Storage System
EA Environmental Assessment
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ERDC Corps' Engineering Research and Development Center
ESA Endangered Species Act
ESH Emergent Sandbar Habitat
ESHERS Emergent Sandbar Habitat Evaluation and Ranking System
ESRI Environmental Service Research Institute
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FIS Flood Insurance Study
FONSI Finding Of No Significant Impacts
FPC Federal Power Commission
FTT Flow-to-Target
FUI Forecasted Ungaged Inflow
FWCA Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
FWG Federal Working Group
FY Fiscal Year

Acronym/Term Name/Description  
GIS Geographic Information System  
GPS Global Positioning System
GSA General Service Administration
HAMP Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Project
HC Human Considerations  
HEC Corps' Hydrologic Engineering Center  
HMS Corps' Hydrologic Modeling System
HQUSACE Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Holdouts Natural, or unregulated, flows  
IDNR Iowa Department of Natural Resources  
IRC Interception Rearing Complex (pallid sturgeon habitat)
ISETR Independent Social and Economic Technical Review (ISETR) panel
ISAP Independent Science Advisory Panel  
ISP Integrated Science Program
ISR Independent Science Review  
IWR Institute for Water Resources
KAF 1,000 acre feet
Kcfs 1,000 cubic feet per second
KDWPT Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism
LCC Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
LCLSMS Lewis and Clark Lake Sediment Management Study
LHRHa Leutinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone analogue
LiDAR Light Detection and Ranging
LRGS Local Readout Ground Stations
LRS Long-Range Study  

Acronym/Term Name/Description
MAF million acre-feet
MAPP Mid-continent Area Power Pool
MBIAC Missouri River Basin Inter-Agency Committee
MBRFC National Weather Service Missouri Basin River Forecast Center
MBSA Missouri Basin States Association
MBSC Missouri Basin Survey Commission
MDC Missouri Department of Conservation
MDNR Missouri Department of Natural Resources
MECA Midwest Electric Consumers Association
MFR Memorandum for Record
MLDDA Missouri Levee Drainage District Association
MNRR Missouri National Recreational River
Monte Carlo An assessment of risk or uncertainty probability based on a range of variables and unknowns.
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MRADS Missouri River Automatic Data System
MRBA Missouri River Basin Association
MRBC Missouri River Basin Commission
MRBIR Missouri River Basin Interagency Roundtable
MRBWMD Missouri River Basin Water Management Division
MRERP Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan
MRNRC Missouri River Natural Resources Committee
MRRIC Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee
MRRP Missouri River Recovery Program
msl mean sea level
MTFWP Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
MW megawatt
MWh megawatt hour
Master Manual Missouri River Water Control Manual Master
Manual Study Missouri River Master Water Control Manual Review and Update Study
MoRAST Missouri River Association of States and Tribes

Acronym/Term Name/Description
NAGPRA Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
NAS National Academy of Sciences
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NGPC Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOHRSC National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPWRC Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
NRCS Natural Resource Conservation Service
NRMS Natural Resource Management System
NWCC National Water and Climate Center
NWD Corps' Northwestern Division
NWK Corps' Kansas City District
NWO Corps' Omaha District
NWS National Weather Service
O&M Operations and Maintenance

Acronym/Term Name/Description
P-S MBP Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program
PA Programmatic Agreement
PDT Product Delivery Team
PIR Project Information Report
PIT Passive Integrated Transponder
PL Public Law
PM Project Manager
PMP Project Management Plan
PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
ppm parts per million
PrOACT Problem Definition, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, Trade-offs (and Decide/Take Action) - a collaborative, structured decision-making process
PSH Pallid Sturgeon Habitat
PSIV Pallid Sturgeon Iridovirus
PgMP Program Management Plan
QA/QC Quality assurance/quality control
QPF Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts
RAS River Analysis System
RCC Reservoir Control Center
RM River Mile
ROD Record of Decision
RPA Reasonable and Prudent Alternative
RPM Reasonable and Prudent Measures
RPMA Recovery and Priority Management Area

Acronym/Term Name/Description
SDSU South Dakota State University
SEI Sustainable Ecosystems Institute
SHPO State Historic Preservation Officer
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SPDT Senior Product Delivery Team
SR Steady Release
SSARR Streamflow Synthesis and Reservoir Regulation
SWE Snow Water Equivalency
SWH Shallow Water Habitat
Service U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Southwestern Southwestern Power Administration
Sq. Mi. square miles
System Missouri River Main Stem Reservoir System
T&E threatened and endangered species
Thalweg The line connecting the points of lowest bed elevation in a river
THPO Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load; the maximum 24 hour allowable load (concentration) of a pollutant in a stream (sediment, chemicals, etc.) expressed as a unit of measure per volume of water (mg per liter, parts per million (ppm), etc.)
TPDMS Interior Least Tern and Piping Plover Data Management System
TPH Interior Least Tern and Piping Plover Habitat
TPMP Interior Least Tern and Piping Plover Monitoring Program
TWW Top-width widening

Acronym/Term Name/Description
UMRS FFS Upper Mississippi River System Flow Frequency Study
UNET Unsteady Flow through a Full Network
USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USBR U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
USD University of South Dakota
USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture  
USFWS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
USIECR U.S. Institute of Environmental Conflict Resolution
WAPA Western Area Power Administration
WG Work Group (within MRRIC)
WMA Wildlife Management Area
WRDA Water Resources Development Act(s) (1986, 1999, 2007)
WSFO National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices
WY Water Year
Western Western Area Power Administration
YOY Young-of-year (used for pallid sturgeon)