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Who is MRRIC?

The Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee has nearly 70 members and alternates who represent a wide array of local, regional, state, Tribal, and federal interests throughout the Missouri River basin.

MRRIC Chair: Gail Bingham

Members:   See descriptions and lists of members in the below section.

Duties and Responsibilities: Please read the MRRIC Charter for information on member duties and responsibilities.

MRRIC Meetings:  Please see the MRRIC Home page for a list of upcoming meetings. 

COVID19:  In order to protect the health and well-being of members MRRIC has not met in person since 2020, but continues to work together virtually via webinars and work group calls.

Contact a MRRIC member: Feel free to send an e-mail to mrric@usace.army.mil. Be sure to specify who should receive the message.

Apply to MRRIC! 

  • Organizations, entities, or persons interested in representing one of the interest categories on the Committee are invited to submit a member application when applicable.
  • Applications are generally due July 15 of each year. At the appropriate time of year, specific dates will be posted in the Announcements section (left column) on the MRRIC home page.
  • Appointments are made by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by October 1 of each year.

MRRIC Members

Please click on the ‘plus sign’ beside the member list you wish to view: Stakeholders, Tribes, States, and/or Federal Agencies.
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  • The Committee has 29 stakeholder members who represent 16 non-governmental categories. See below for a list of the members by categories.
  • There are 16 different stakeholder interest groups with the possibility of having 2 primary seats; however, only 29 primary seats can be filled at any one time per the Charter to balance with the number of eligible tribes in the basin. The vacant primary seats rotate over time based on when members step down and what seats receive applications annually. Primary members are encouraged to nominate an alternate; however, they are not required to do so leaving that position unassigned.
  • Stakeholder representatives, and their alternates, are selected by the below process: 
    • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) issues a Federal Register notice explaining and announcing the entire member application process which has been approved by the Committee. A document explaining the current process is available.
    • Interested parties apply online through the MRRIC web pages or by printing the Adobe document that can be submitted by email, mail, or fax.
    • The Committee advises the Corps to "accept" or "not accept" applicants and nominees.
    • Then applications and input go through the selection committee comprised of Corps and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service leadership.
    • The selection committee makes recommendations to the Commander of Northwestern Division, and the Commander notifies all applicants whether or not they have been selected. Stakeholder members serve for 3-year terms.


Stakeholder Interest Category Term Year Primary / Alternate First Name Last Name
Agriculture 2026 Primary Dan Engemann
Agriculture 2026 Alternate Darrick Steen
Agriculture 2026 Primary David Sieck
Agriculture 2026 Alternate Leo Ettleman
At Large 2026 Primary Larry Buss
At Large 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
At Large 2026 Primary Kenneth Reeder
At Large 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Conservation Districts 2026 Primary Ryan Britt
Conservation Districts 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Conservation Districts 2025 Primary Richard  Iversen
Conservation Districts 2025 Alternate Molly Masters
Environmental/Conservation Org 2024 Primary Caroline Pufalt
Environmental/Conservation Org 2024 Alternate Edward Heisal
Environmental/Conservation Org 2024 Primary Paul Lepisto
Environmental/Conservation Org 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Fish and Wildlife 2024 Primary VACANCY (CHARTER BALANCE)  
Fish and Wildlife 2024 Alternate    
Fish and Wildlife 2024 Primary VACANCY (CHARTER BALANCE)  
Fish and Wildlife 2024 Alternate    
Flood Control 2026 Primary Robert Vincze
Flood Control 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Flood Control 2026 Primary Jesse Kist
Flood Control 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Hydropower 2024 Primary Jim Horan
Hydropower 2024 Alternate Jeff Peters
Hydropower 2024 Primary Douglas Hardy
Hydropower 2024 Alternate Chris Studer
Irrigation 2024 Primary VACANCY (CHARTER BALANCE)  
Irrigation 2024 Alternate    
Irrigation 2026 Primary Buzz Mattelin
Irrigation 2026 Alternate Dana Berwick
Local Government 2024 Primary Tom Bullock
Local Government 2024 Alternate Carla Markt
Local Government 2024 Primary Franklyn Pogge
Local Government 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Major Tributaries 2024 Primary Ross Silcock
Major Tributaries 2024 Alternate Jacob Knaebel
Major Tributaries 2025 Primary Dan Rostad
Major Tributaries 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Navigation 2026 Primary Justin Lampert
Navigation 2026 Alternate Lynn Muench
Navigation 2024 Primary Lucy Fletcher
Navigation 2024 Alternate Steven Engemann
Recreation 2026 Primary Terry Fleck
Recreation 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Recreation 2024 Primary Larry Shepard
Recreation 2024 Alternate Scott Mansker
Thermal Power 2024 Primary Brian Barels
Thermal Power 2024 Alternate John Shadle
Thermal Power 2024 Primary Ryan Layman
Thermal Power 2024 Alternate Chris Vrtiska
Water Quality 2024 Primary Dr. Marian Maas
Water Quality 2024 Alternate Unassigned  
Water Quality 2025 Primary Craig Giesmann
Water Quality 2025 Alternate Julianne Epplin
Water Supply 2026 Primary Greg Totzke
Water Supply 2026 Alternate Melissa Polito
Water Supply 2024 Primary Michelle Bostinelos
Water Supply 2024 Alternate Jeff Dooley
Waterway Industries 2024 Primary Bill Becker
Waterway Industries 2024 Alternate John Doyle
Waterway Industries 2025 Primary Shane Kinne
Waterway Industries 2025 Alternate Frank Huseman




 American Indian Tribes

Twenty-nine Native American Tribes located within, or with historical ties to, the basin have seats at MRRIC. Tribal members are appointed by their Tribal Chairman.




Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

Harold Frazier, Chairman

Robert "Bob" Walters, Tribal Vice- Chairman

Chippewa Cree Indians of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation

John Allen. Exec. Dir. Housing Dept


Eastern Shoshone of the Wind River Reservation

Baptiste Weed, Interim Director/Tribal Water Engineer


Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe

Elizabeth Wakeman, Dir. Brownfield

Chairman Reider

Fort Peck Tribes of Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes

Martina Wilson, Dir. Office of Environmental Protection

Dyan Youpee, THPO

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Missouri                         

Alan Kelley


Oglala Lakota Nation    

Reno Red Cloud, Director, Water Resources Department


Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Alan Harlan, Tribal Council Member

Jessica Webster-Valentino, Tribal Treasurer

Osage Nation   

Dr. Andrea Hunter, THPO

John Fox

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

Nick Mauro, Director of Cultural Affairs

Kirby Robidoux

Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation       

Virginia LeClere


Rosebud Sioux Tribe     

Scott O. Herman, President

Syed Huq, Director, Water Resources

Sac and Fox of Missouri in Kansas and Nebraska

Tiauna Carnes, Chairperson

Kirby Robidoux

Santee Sioux Nation      

Roger Trudell, Chairman

David Henry, Vice Chairman

Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe

Robert Thompson, Dir Water Resource Management

Joan Black, Admin. Assist. TERO

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe          

Doug Crow Ghost, Director Water Resources

Jon Eagle, THPO

Three Affiliated Tribes of Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nations

Toni Fettig-Smith, Director Tribal Fish and Wildlife


Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Sunshine Thomas-Bear, Cultural Preservation Dir.


Yankton Sioux Tribe      




Eight states in the basin have appointed representatives to the MRRIC. State members are appointed by their state's governor.  

State Represented State Members State Alternates
Iowa Chris Larson  
Kansas Steve Adams  
Missouri Erin Fanning Michael Weller
Montana   Eric Roberts
Nebraska Gordon W. "Jeff" Fassett Shuhai Zheng
North Dakota John Paczkowski  
South Dakota John Lott Chris Longhenry
Wyoming   Steve Woff

 Federal Agencies

Fifteen federal agencies may appoint representatives to the MRRIC. Federal members are appointed by the appropriate level of management for their agencies.