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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Protective Design Center offers this course to acquaint practicing engineers with well-established procedures used to design structures to resist the effects of detonation of terrorist high explosive devices. Materials covered will serve as an excellent introduction to blast resistant structural design similar to that required by UFC 4-010-01 if required standoff distances cannot be provided. The course is well suited for practicing senior structural engineers who would like to develop their skills in the analysis and design of structures subjected to highly transient dynamic loading from blast and fragments. The course also provides familiarization with terminology, methodologies, and protective off-the-shelf products that will aid in the review of consulting engineers’ blast resistant designs.


The course content is primarily based on the tri-service documents - "Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions" (Army Manual No.5-1300, Navy Manual No. NAVFAC P-397, Air Force Regulation No. 88-22) and "Technical Manual Design And Analysis Of Hardened Structures To Conventional Weapons Effects" (Army TM 5-855-1, Air Force AFPAM 32-1147[I], Navy NAVFAC P-1080, DSWA DAHSCWEMAN-97). Additional sources are used when they represent the best state of the practice.


Major topics include Blast and Fragment Loads on Structures; Principals of Structural Dynamics; Dynamic Material Properties; Allowable Response Criteria; Design of Steel Structures; Reinforced Concrete Structures; Masonry Structures; Glazing; Doors; Building Systems; Frames; and Special Considerations. A majority of this material is focused on the Single-Degree-of-Freedom methodology.


Time during the five-day course is equally split between lectures that provide the theoretical basis of the design process and hands-on utilization of government and commercially developed software specifically for blast analysis and design. High-speed test video and post-test photography is provided to compliment the course material. Typical example design problems and their solutions will be presented. The course also offers opportunities to discuss specific design considerations that individuals may be facing in the near future. Electronic reference library as well as established-practical design software related to blast resistant design is provided to attendees.


Who should attend?

The contents of this class contain information that is For Official Use Only. Therefore, attendees are limited to representatives of US government agencies and their contractors. The class is intended for structural engineers that have a good grasp on traditional structural engineer design principles.


Course Offerings

One open-registration class is presented each year.


Additionally, Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) can be sent to teach the Blast Design class at the sponsor's location. The sponsor must pay all expenses related to bringing the class to their location. Also, the sponsor controls the student registration, and is responsible for providing the training facility. If you are interested in arranging for an MTT to come to your location, contact us at the links given below.


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