Review Plans and Schedules

A Review Plan is a document that describes how the Corps of Engineers will conduct reviews on different phases of a project including feasibility, preconstruction engineering and design and construction. The Review Plan ensures product credibility, accountability and compliance with the Information Quality Act which states that information released by an agency will be of high quality, objectivity, utility and integrity.

Review Plans are published in accordance with Engineering Circular 1165-2-217. This circular details quality review requirements for all civil works decision documents.

Schedules for General Investigation (GI) studies are published in accordance with Implementation Guidance for Section 1002 of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) of 2014. 

Comments and Questions

Should you have any comments or questions pertaining to the Peer Review Plans or Schedules listed within this section, please email the Omaha District Planning Branch.

Omaha District Approved Review Plans

Below are links to the Omaha District's current Major Subordinate Command-approved Civil Works quality review plans searchable by category, state or project name.

Search Review Plans

Review plans fall within five different categories: 
  • GI - General Investigations
  • GI-PAS - General Investigations - Planning Assistance to States
  • CAP - Continuing Authorities Program
  • CG - Construction General
  • OM - Operations & Maintenance

Projects types are either P - Planning or I - Implementation.

To search for Review Plans within a specific category, Browse records in Category that are equal to the Category's abbreviation.
i.e. "Browse records in 'Category' that 'are equal to' 'CAP'"

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CategoryProject NameReview PlanApproval MemoType
CAPGoose Creek, CO Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility StudyReview Plan P
CAPSchuyler, NE Flood Risk Management Feasibility StudyReview PlanType II IEPR Waiver Approval MemoP
CAPPlatte River at Fremont, NE

Review Plan (Nov 2020)

Approval Memo (Nov 2020)

CAPCartersville Dam Fish Passage Section 206 Project at Forsyth, MTReview PlanApproval MemoP
CAPDeadman's Run Section 205 Project at Lincoln, NEReview PlanApproval MemoP
CAPLander Section 205 Project at Lander, WYReview PlanApproval MemoP
CAPWillow Creek/Boyer River Section 205 Project at Missouri Valley, IAReview PlanApproval MemoP
CAPSheridan Section 1135 Project at Sheridan, WYReview PlanApproval MemoP
CAPLaMoure, ND Section 205 Flood Risk Management StudyReview PlanApproval MemoP
CAPSt. Vrain Creek at Longmont, Colorado Section 205 Flood Risk Management Project Review PlanApproval MemoP
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