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Note: Redacted versions of documents listed on the Index as withheld are included. The following documents are subject to a Protective Order filed 06/07/2017: USACE_DAPL0012398–418; 12419–39; 12440–61; 74092–110; 74713–29.


DAPL Public Comments

Certification, indexes, and PUB_CMT0000001
through PUB_CMT0000496
PUB_CMT0013511 through PUB_CMT0014010
PUB_CMT0000497 through PUB_CMT0001033 PUB_CMT0014011 through PUB_CMT0014509
PUB_CMT0001034 through PUB_CMT0001532 PUB_CMT0014510 through PUB_CMT0015009
PUB_CMT0001533 through PUB_CMT0002031 PUB_CMT0015509 through PUB_CMT0016007
PUB_CMT0002032 through PUB_CMT0002530 PUB_CMT0016008 through PUB_CMT0016506
PUB_CMT0002531 through PUB_CMT0003029 PUB_CMT0016507 through PUB_CMT0017005
PUB_CMT0003030 through PUB_CMT0003528 PUB_CMT0017006 through PUB_CMT0017504
PUB_CMT0003529 through PUB_CMT0004027 PUB_CMT0017505 through PUB_CMT0018003
PUB_CMT0004028 through PUB_CMT0004527 PUB_CMT0018004 through PUB_CMT0018503
PUB_CMT0004528 through PUB_CMT0005026 PUB_CMT0018504 through PUB_CMT0019002
PUB_CMT0005027 through PUB_CMT0005525 PUB_CMT0019003 through PUB_CMT0019501
PUB_CMT0005526 through PUB_CMT0006024 PUB_CMT0019502 through PUB_CMT0020001
PUB_CMT0006025 through PUB_CMT0006523 PUB_CMT0020002 through PUB_CMT0020500
PUB_CMT0006524 through PUB_CMT0007023 PUB_CMT0020501 through PUB_CMT0020999
PUB_CMT0007024 through PUB_CMT0007522 PUB_CMT0021000 through PUB_CMT0021499
PUB_CMT0007523 through PUB_CMT0008021 PUB_CMT0021500 through PUB_CMT0021998
PUB_CMT0008022 through PUB_CMT0008520 PUB_CMT0021999 through PUB_CMT0022497
PUB_CMT0008521 through PUB_CMT0009019 PUB_CMT0022498 through PUB_CMT0022996
PUB_CMT0009020 through PUB_CMT0009518 PUB_CMT0022997 through PUB_CMT0023495
PUB_CMT0009519 through PUB_CMT0010017 PUB_CMT0023496 through PUB_CMT0023994
PUB_CMT0010018 through PUB_CMT0010516 PUB_CMT0023995 through PUB_CMT0024493
PUB_CMT0010517 through PUB_CMT0011015 PUB_CMT0024494 through PUB_CMT0024992
PUB_CMT0011016 through PUB_CMT0011514 PUB_CMT0024993 through PUB_CMT0025491
PUB_CMT0011515 through PUB_CMT0012013 PUB_CMT0025492 through PUB_CMT0025990
PUB_CMT0012014 through PUB_CMT0012512 PUB_CMT0025991 through PUB_CMT0026489
PUB_CMT0012513 through PUB_CMT0013011 PUB_CMT0026490 through PUB_CMT0026988
PUB_CMT0013012 through PUB_CMT0013510 PUB_CMT0027488 through PUB_CMT0027987