US Army Corps of Engineers
Omaha District

Public Notices

  • NWO-2018-1303-PIE

    Expiration date: 12/17/2019

    Minnehaha County Highway Department requests Department of the Army authorization to increase the amount of culverts from two to four at the project location along Minnehaha County Highway 146 in a tributary to Fourmile Creek, as a part of scheduled road improvements required to maintain a safe travel corridor. Grading and sloping activities will also be conducted in order to accommodate design standards. The proposed project is located in Sections 20 & 29, Township 101 North, Range 47 West, Minnehaha County, South Dakota. The basic purpose of the project is to improve the roadway in order to provide safe travel for the public. The overall purpose of the project is to increase the width of culvert space at the project location to ensure passage of high water flows and ensure that the side slopes adjacent to the culverts meet current design standards.

  • NWO-2019-1581-PIE

    Expiration date: 12/17/2019

    A&T Rentals, LLC requests authorization to construct additional parking and storage space for newly acquired vehicles and equipment to support their expanding RBS Sanitation service. RBS Sanitation provides residential and commercial sanitation services to many communities in southeast South Dakota. Due to the increases in population within and around the City of Sioux Falls, the demand for solid waste handling and recycling has also increased. In order to meet this demand, the applicant proposes to expand their storage area for additional receptacles and vehicles. Approximately 3.1 acres of land would be developed adjacent to the RBS Sanitation shop area. The development would provide parking and storage space for residential containers and commercial dumpsters. Approximately 2.63 acres of wetlands would be impacted by the project. See the attached location map and plans. The proposed project is located in northeast Tea in Section 24, Township 100 North, Range 51 West, Lincoln County, South Dakota.

  • NWO-1998-30050-PIE

    Expiration date: 11/19/2019

    Spencer Quarries, Inc. requests authorization to expand their existing mining activity into the land immediately south of the active mine. The project area includes 2 wetlands as well as a remnant channel of the previously relocated Wolf Creek. In order to mine this property, the remnant channel and adjacent wetlands would need to be relocated closer to Highway 38 with a berm/levy protecting current and future mining operations. The proposed project and associated mining would impact 4.43 acres of wetlands and 2.65 acres of the remnant Wolf Creek channel. The proposed project is located southwest of the Town of Spencer in Section 24, Township 103 North, Range 57 West, Hanson County, South Dakota.