PDC Library

A number of documents pertaining to protective design are provided below. . For a complete listing of publicly available technical documents including UFCs, UFGS,DOD Handbooks, please use the WBDG website

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Vehicle Barriers

Currently available vehicle barriers
Name Publish Date Download
DOD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List Validated List of Vehicle Barriers Having Passed Testing in Accordance with ASTM F2656 or DoS SD-STD-02.01 09-27-2018 Download

Protective Design Center White Papers

Technical position papers developed by the Protective Design Center.
Name Publish Date Download
PDC TPP-06-01 Structural Design of Type V Construction For Antiterrorism Measures 02-13-2006 Download

Unified Facilities Criteria

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Engineering Technical Reports

Currently available engineering technical Reports.
Name Publish Date Download
PDC TR-05-01 SBEDS Methodology Report 03-15-2005 Download
PDC TR-05-02 CEDAW Final Report 07-15-2005  Download 
PDC TR-06-01 Rev. 1  Single Degree of Freedom Blast Design Spreadsheets (SBEDS) Methodology 10-5-2008 Download
PDC TR-06-02 Rev 1 SBEDS Users Guide  12-30-2012 Download
PDC TR-06-03  Vehicle Barrier Maintenance Guidance   02-24-2007 Download 
PDC TR-06-08 Anti-Terrorism Response Limits 10-24-2006 Download
PDC TR-07-02 Standoff Distances for Standard Japan Facilities Improvement Program Construction (Structures and Windows) 01-05-2007  Download 
PDC TR-08-01 Parameter Study for Single-Degree-of-Freedom Response of Structural Components to Blast Loads 9-11-2008 Download
PDC TR-08-03 etal Zip  SBEDS Example problems. 9-11-2008 Download
PDC TR-08-03 Example Problems for SBEDS 9-11-2008 Download
PDC TR-08-06 User’s Guide for Component Explosive Damage Assessment Workbook (CEDAW v2) 9-11-2008 Download
PDC TR-08-07 Methodology Manual for Component Explosive Damage Assessment Workbook (CEDAW v2) 9-11-2008 Download
PDC TR-10-01 Conventional Construction Standoff Distances of the Low and Very Low Levels of Protection IAW UFC 4-010-01 11-1-2010 Download
PDC TR-10-02 Blast Resistant Design Methodology for Window Systems Designed Statically and Dynamically 4-19-2012 Download
PDC TR-10-04 Simple Computational Method for Analyzing Vehicle Barriers Using RigidW 01-06-2010
PDC TR-12-08-Rev1  Standoff Distances for Japanese Conventional Construction 08-01-2013 Download
PDC TR-13-01 Blast Resistant Design of Windows 12-30-2012 Download
PDC TR-13-02 Design of Windows 12-01-2013 Download
PDC TR-15-01 Minimum Standoff Distances for Non-Loadi-Bearing Steel Stud In-Fill Walls 08-01-2015 Download
PDC TR-15-02 Proposed Explosive Safety Design of Punched Window, Frame and Connections 11-01-2015 Download
PDC TR-15-03 Proposed Explosive Safety Design of Mullioned Window, Frame and Connections 11-01-2015  Download 
PDC TR-18-02 Analysis Guidance for Cross-Laminated Timber Construction Exposed to Airblast Loading 09-01 2018  Download


Currently available drawings.
Name Publish Date Download
Access Control Point Drawings Access Control Point Definitive Standard Drawings and Documents 02-10-2005
Standard Fence Drawings DoD Standard Fence Drawings 01-28-2005


Currently available miscellaneous documents.
Name Publish Date Download
Glass Hazard Assessment Injury Based Glass Hazard Assessment 10-15-2004
VBMGAFH 10-2401 Vehicle Bomb Mitigation Guide 09-1-2006
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