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Efforts/Actions Overview

This program is undergoing update in response to the 2018 Biological Opinion and the upcoming Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision.  To learn more about these, please go to the Management Plan page.  Learn more about each of the program areas by viewing the pages in the MRRP site menu on the left or by clicking on a link below: 

Science - As stewards of the river, we incorporate the best science available and learn from our actions. Visit the Science section to learn more.

Adaptive Management - Learn about how the Corps adaptively manages to bring the most current information into the decision-making process.

Tern and Plover Habitat - Learn about the various ways the program is providing emergent sandbar habitat for the least tern and piping plover.

Pallid Sturgeon Habitat - Learn about the various ways the program is providing shallow water habitat for the pallid sturgeon. 

BSNP Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Project - Learn about the authorities that govern the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Mitigation Project for the Missouri River.  Also learn about the Willing Seller Program for land acquisition.

Yellowstone Intake - Learn about how the Yellowstone Intake Diversion Dam may be modified to allow for pallid passage.

Photos - Efforts and Actions

Photo of pallid sturgeon efforts
Photo of Glovers Point chute and wetlands