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The Omaha District regulates the Missouri River main stem reservoir projects considering the needs of flood risk reduction, irrigation, water supply and water quality, navigation, hydropower generation, fish and wildlife and recreation.

The Missouri River hosts a wide variety of interests and uses, all of which are considered in the river's operation and recovery programs. Uses and interests include include social, economic, historical and cultural uses such as agriculture, commerce, conservation, energy, environmental, natural resources, navigation, recreation, residential, urban uses and water supply. 

Special operations have been implemented to protect nesting habitat for threatened and endangered species, and to encourage fish reproduction. Activities to restore some of the Missouri River ecosystem's natural form and function are under way and will continue for decades. Although the river will never be the same wild, dynamic, uncontrolled system it was historically, portions of the ecosystem can be revitalized to meet the needs and interests of all the basin's inhabitants.

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Invasive Species

The spread of Exotic Nuisance Species can damage Endangered Species habitat along the Missouri River. Aquatic invaders — non-native plants, animals & fish viruses — introduced into habitats where they don't belong cause habitat alteration and degradation. They are a major cause of biological diversity loss worldwide and considered "biological pollutants."

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