Our mission is to provide the highest quality contracting services for the Omaha District and its customers.

*Justifications and Approvals for contract actions using Other than Full and Open Competition and have been executed due to the flood response and recovery missions are posted publicly at*

The Omaha District Contracting Division provides policy and procedures to all elements of the district relating to the acquisition process. We are the leaders of advance acquisition planning, strategy, and innovative approaches in providing customers with a quality product. With a professional staff of contracting officers, contract specialists, procurement technicians, and administrative support, requests for services, supplies, and construction are solicited and awarded.

The Omaha District can provide a range of contract support to its customers. Our large contracting capability can be tailored to fit specific needs in a timely manner. We can contract for supplies, services, construction, architect-engineering, and hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste (HTRW) remediation.

Customer's needs, best value, maximum competition, compliance with applicable regulations and support of small business/socioeconomic programs are key in our endeavors to support the district's mission.


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  • All types of construction
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Real property renovation

Contracting Tools

  • Visa card
  • Purchase order
  • Firm-fixed price
  • Award and incentive fee
  • Cost-plus fixed fee
  • Indefinite delivery
  • Job order
  • Time and materials
  • Design-build


Hazardous/Toxic/Radioactive Waste

  • Rapid response
  • Total environmental remediation
  • Preplaced remedial action
  • Investigation/design
  • HTRW sites
  • Indefinite projects delivery type


  • Janitorial/maintenance
  • Facility operation
  • Grounds maintenance

Simplified Acquisition Procedures

  • Window replacement
  • Surface preparation and repair
  • Facility repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical and mechanical projects


  • Taxiways and roadways
  • Facility design
  • Planning
  • Miscellaneous design services
  • Archeological
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