Public Notices

  • NWO-2021-00330-WEH

    Expiration date: 12/19/2021

    Nebraska Department of Transportation proposes to restore (rehabilitate) approximately 3.41 acres of PEMA/C floodplain depression wetlands, enhance 2.00 acres of PEMA/C floodplain depression wetlands, and establish (create) 55.22 acres of PEMA/C floodplain depression wetlands. It is also proposed to establish a 50-foot upland buffer for the District 7 site totaling 8.59 acres of upland buffer. The objective of the wetland bank site is to have wetland mitigation credits available for future Nebraska Department of Transportation projects that cannot entirely avoid wetland impacts. The bank credits would be used to offset impacts at these future locations within the proposed District 7 site service area.

  • NWO-2017-01039-WEH

    Expiration date: 10/6/2021

    Papio-Missouri River NRD - The project consists of constructing a dam site on West Papillion Creek, known as Dam Site 12 (DS-12). The proposed DS-12 structure would be an earthen embankment approximately 1,050 feet in length and approximately 28 feet above the valley floor (approximately 33 feet above channel bottom). This structure would require approximately 115,100 cubic yards of clean fill material, with 394 cubic yards below the Ordinary High Water Mark. The drainage basin area of DS-12 would be approximately 1,660 acres (2.6 square miles). The top-of-dam limits would exist at an elevation of 1,222 feet. DS-12 characterized with a normal pool elevation of 1,206 feet and a permanent pool of 43 acres reservoir. Two water quality basins, one located northwest of the DS-12 and a second located between the existing 216th Street alignment and proposed 216th Street realignment, for water quality benefits to the reservoir. Reduction in the 100-year peak flow at DS-12 from approximately 2,480 cfs to 300 cfs at the outflow of the principal spillway. The construction of DS-12, water quality basin structures and the realignment of 216th Street will permanently impact (filling and inundation) a total of 9.672 acres of wetlands consisting of 4.34 acres of PEMA/C riverine channel, 5.33 acres of PEMA/C riverine floodplain, and 0.002 acres of PFOA riverine floodplain. The construction of DS-12, water quality basin structures and the realignment of 216th Street will permanently fill a total of 719 linear feet of West Papillion Creek and inundate a total of 5,608 linear feet of West Papillion Creek.

  • NWO-2014-00522-WEH

    Expiration date: 9/22/2021

    Lyman-Richey Corporation (LRC) is proposing to expand and continue to mine sand and gravel at Pit 71 in the Timber Lake/Treadway area. LRC is proposing to mine the 130-acre site in three phases over 17 years. Phase 1, the first five years of mining, would occur in the southeast portion of the parcel, closest to the existing mining operations. Phase 2, years 6 through 10, would continue mining to the west and north of Phase 1. Phase 3, years 11 through 17, would extend west of Phase 2 and mine the remainder of the parcel area. Over 17 years and 3 phases of development, Timber Lake/Treadway would impact a total of 10.81 acres of wetlands.