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Public Notices

  • NWO-1996-50328-WEH

    Expiration date: 1/29/2020

    The Nebraska Department of Transportation has submitted an after-the-fact permit application for roadway repairs on N-12 associated with the March 2019 flood event.

  • NWO-2004-10258-WEH

    Expiration date: 2/17/2020

    Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) - The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has prepared a Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) to analyze the direct, indirect and cumulative effects of a proposed Nebraska state highway project, Nebraska Highway 12 Niobrara East and West Project (Project), by the NDOT. NDOT proposes to rehabilitate two segments of N-12 east and west of Niobrara, between Verdel and Spur 54-D in Knox County, Nebraska. The SDEIS describes the Project by the NDOT; a road rehabilitation of N-12 which incorporates an elevation increase to the 100-year flood elevation plus 3 feet. Alternatives to this proposal have also been reviewed, with all alternatives within the existing N-12 corridor, and are described in the SDEIS. The purpose of the Project is to improve the safety and reliability of the roadway and meet current NDOT design standards.

  • NWO-2019-00902-WEH

    Expiration date: 1/8/2020

    This public notice is issued jointly by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Omaha District, and the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE). The NDEE will review the proposed project for state certification in accordance with the provisions of Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. The NDEE hereby incorporates this public notice as its own public notice and procedures by reference thereto. For the purposes of the NDEE, their public notice will expire 30 calendar days from the issue date shown above.