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Wyoming Jurisdictional Determinations

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DA NumberProject NameEnd DateSorted By End Date In Descending Order


Buffalo Valley Irrigation District, Water Distribution Improvements, Upland, Teton County2/6/2019


Cruickshank Drainage Ditch, Upland, Fremont County1/22/2019


Wilhemina Spoonhunter, Septic Improvements, Upland, Fremont County12/19/2018
NWO-2018-01860-RWYFloyd Reno & Sons, EOG Ballista 11 & 12 Well Pad, Isolated Wetlands, Campbell County12/3/2018
NWO-2018-01953-RWYCity of Evanston, Aspen Elementary Sidewalk, Upland, Uinta County11/14/2018
NWO-2018-1782-RWYCity of Green River, WWTP Improvements, Upland, Sweetwater County10/24/2018
NWO-2017-00192-RWYAmerican Colloid Company, Stateline Haul Road, Isolated Waters, Crook County9/5/2018
NWO-2007-03266-RWYWestern Fuels Associates, Dry Fork Mine, Amendment 3, Isolated Water, Campbell County8/3/2018
NWO-2018-01229-RWYTown of Lusk, Water System Improvement Project, Upland, Niobrara County7/5/2018
NWO-2018-00946-RWYTolsa Wyoming Bentonite Corp, Star Shadow Mine, Upland, Natrona County7/3/2018
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