District Offices - Nebraska

District Offices - Nebraska The Omaha District Headquarters office is located in Omaha, Nebraska. The District provides quality service as the Federal Engineer for the district, which spans all or part of 10 states, covering 700,000 square miles. While the District covers a large geographic area, many personnel are centrally located in downtown Omaha. The district also has project and Regulatory offices within the state.

The Omaha District oversees the Regulatory Permitting Process and Military Missions for Nebraska. The Nebraska regulatory office is located near Omaha at Wehrspann Lake.

The Civli Works Mission for much of Nebraska is led by the Omaha District. The Kansas City District leads the Civil Works Mission for portions of Nebraska south of the Platte River watershed.

Nebraska Contacts

District Offices
For General Questions call (888) 835-5971
(All numbers using the (402) 995 area code below can be reached toll-free by dialing the last four digits when prompted by the toll-free line's call handling system)
Regulatory Office / Permits
Construction/Engineer Offices
Project Offices
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