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South Dakota Jurisdictional Determinations

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DA NumberProject NameEnd DateSorted By End Date In Descending Order
NWO-2018-1957-PIEInsurance Auto Auction, Lincoln County11/29/2018
NWO-2018-1977-PIESilver Valley Channel Maintenance, Minnehaha County11/26/2018
NWO-2011-0028-PIESioux Falls construct Harmodon Park Access Road & BMP 401-2 Project, Minnehaha County11/7/2018
NWO-2016-1985_2-PIECrocker Wind Farm & Transmission Line Project, Clark County11/2/2018
NWO-2009-2269_2-PIEFox Run 2 Preamble Ditch, Brookings County10/30/2018
NWO-2018-1870-PIEFalls Park Development Sidewalk & Railing Improvements, Minnehaha County10/30/2018
NWO-2018-1703-PIEGarfield Dairy East Road, Hamlin County10/23/2018
NWO-2010-0863-PIEFaulkton Airport, Faulk County10/17/2018
NWO-2018-1561-PIECommercial Lot Development along East Mall Drive, Pennington County10/17/2018
NWO-2016-1985-PIECrocker Wind Fram & Transmission Line Project, Clark County10/16/2018
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