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Montana Jurisdictional Determinations

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DA NumberProject NameEnd DateSorted By End Date In Descending Order
NWO-2018-01679-MTHOmaha District, Jennifer Gwilliams - Residential Lot11/27/2018
NWO-2002-90186-MTHOmaha District, Montana Department of Transportation - US Highway 212, Roberts, Montana11/21/2018
NWO-2018-01634-MTHNWO-2018-01634-MTH - Montana Department of Transportation - York Road and Lake Helena Drive10/18/2018
NWO-20108-01626-MTMNWO-2018-01626-MTM Alm Property 5809 Fox Trail Florence10/3/2018
NWO-2018-01082-MTHOmaha District, Road Improvements, Westby West, Westby, MT, NWO-2018-01082-MTH8/23/2018
NWO-2011-02509-MTHMontana Resources Yankee Doodle Tailing Impoundment AJD8/16/2018
NWO-2018-01298-MTHUPS Commercial Development Site at Gardner Simmental Plaza, Bozeman, MT, NWO-2018-01298-MTH8/9/2018
NWO-2005-90100-MTBOmaha District, Moonlight Basin Subdivision, NWO-2005-90100-MTB7/10/2018
NWO-2018-01104-MTHOmaha District, 188 Foxtail Pine LLC, NWO-2018-01104-MTH7/10/2018
NWO-2018-01129-MTBOmaha District, Kojetin, Karl & Nick, Building Construction Upland ,NWO-2018-01129-MTB, 7/2/2018
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