Training and Classess

The PDC offers several training courses on the subject of security engineering and protective design. These classes are intended to train federal government employees in these concepts. Therefore, design professionals, physical security specialists, antiterrorism officers and other related fields that work for the federal government can apply for this training. Contact the coordinator for more information.


Mobile Training Team Requests

Please allow 60 days notice for scheduling classes within CONUS and 90 days for OCONUS classes.

Security Engineering

This is a five-day training class covering the Security Engineering Unified Facilities Criteria.

Click <here> to view additional information about the Security Engineering training.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility; Planning, Design, and

Construction (SCIF-PDC)

This is a 3.5-day training class covering the facets of a SCIF project.

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Blast Resistant Structural Design

This is a five-day class in blast design of conventional construction.

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Entry Control Facilities / Access Control Points (ECF/ACP)

This is a three-day training class in Installation Access Control Points.

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DoD Security Engineering Planning and Standards

This is a two-day course providing an overview of the DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings (UFC 4-010-01) and the DoD Security Engineering Facilities Planning Manual (UFC 4-020-01) and how they relate to each other and to the overall process of designing to mitigate the effects of terrorist, criminal, and foreign intelligence threats.