Wyoming Regional General Permits

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Permit #ActivityApplicantExpires


Aquatic species habitat enhancement and restoration in Wyoming watersGeneral Public12/31/2024
  1. RGP-2302-01-RWY
  2. RGP-2302-RWY_AppendixA-Memo
  3. RGP-2302-RWY_AppendixB-PCN-Form
  4. RGP-2302-RWY_AppendixC-CompCert
  5. RGP-2302-RWY_WDEQ_401Cert
  6. RGP-2302-RWY_EPA-Tribes_401Cert
Irrigation ditch related activities in the State of WyomingGeneral Public10/31/2028


Construction and modification of boat ramps in WyomingGeneral Public12/31/2028