Fueling Systems Mandatory Center for Expertise (POL-MCX)


The POL-MCX is recognized by the Department of Defense as the authority for military fuel storage and delivery systems by providing clean, dry fuel reliably and safely to support the mission and troops. The POL-MCX provides an all-inclusive Design Center with resources in technical guidance, construction placement, project management, project-specific training, and contract administration. The POL-MCX is in the Omaha District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and has served as the leader in high-volume fuel storage and delivery systems to military customers since the 1980s. The POL-MCX mission is to design and implement military fuel storage and delivery systems that reliably provide clean, dry, fuel safely to support the U.S. Military.

The POL-MCX uses its teams within the Omaha District to provide technical support, construction placement, project management, and contract administration services to meet specific military fuel storage and delivery requirements of any installation worldwide.

Reference ER 1110-1-8167 for more information on the POL-MCX responsibilities and Mandatory/Optional services.

State of the art

The POL-MCX offers state-of-the-art engineering and technical expertise in military fueling systems ranging from 35-2,400 gallons per minute. The POL-MCX provides design and construction support services to all DOD customers. The POL-MCX assists other USACE Districts with program formulation, technical guidance, technology transfer and coordination with other DOD organizations. Experienced, pre-qualified small and large business contractors who specialize in fuel storage and delivery design and execution are used to supplement in-house technical and construction resources.

The staff includes engineers with many years of fuels experience and expertise. Team members have participated in the updates and generation of UFC 03-460-01, Pressurized Hydrant Fueling System Type III standard, Cut and Cover Storage Tank standards, and fuels-related UFGS specifications.

The POL-MCX provides time-sensitive disaster or emergency related construction, operations and maintenance activities for all military fueling infrastructures and facilities.

Safety, Quality, Support

The in-house resources provided by the POL-MCX provide the highest level of design quality, execution, safety, and post-construction support. Our experienced Government fuels engineers are supplemented by the pre-qualified Fuel IDIQ A/E contractors that operate under the guidance and control of the POL-MCX. The center also uses design-build/design-bid-build construction contracts consisting of pre-qualified large and small businesses specializing in constructing fuel storage and delivery systems. Specific fueling system needs are incorporated into project goals when designing and constructing fuel storage and delivery systems that provide clean, dry fuel in a safe and reliable manner.

Available Services

  • Technical review of fueling systems designs performed by, or administered by, other Districts and other Commands. 
  • Consultation services for design (full service), support to design, testing support, programming support and construction inspection support for fueling systems.
  • Technical review of programming documents, design documents, construction shop drawings, including equipment data applicable to fueling systems.
  • Assistance to Commands in conducting final acceptance testing of fueling systems.
  • Project-specific Quality Assurance training.
  • Development of technical guidance and guide specifications for fueling systems.