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  • 2014 Lake Yankton Sport Fisheries Restoration

    Why does Lake Yankton need a fisheries restoration?The fisheries restoration in Lake Yankton is in
  • Pipestem/Jamestown Dam Historical Data

    Pipestem/Jamestown Dam Historical Data
  • Stay Informed EIS

    If a project requires the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the EIS process consists of several steps, each with opportunities for you to get involved.
  • NEPA

    The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process is one opportunity for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to hear and consider the opinions and concerns of potentially affected communities. The NEPA decision-making process allows the Corps, other agencies and community members to work together to create the best environmental outcomes for our region. We want to ensure the Omaha District is engaged in responsible environmental stewardship. In carrying out these responsibilities, we also strive to be responsive to communities and look at ways to minimize potential impacts from our actions.
  • Cherry Creek Dam DSMS

    Cherry Creek Dam consists of an earth-fill embankment with an outlet works for operational water releases. The embankment is 14,300 feet long with a maximum height of 141 feet. The dam’s outlet works consist of a triple barrel concrete conduit system with discharges releasing into the Cherry Creek channel located a short distance downstream.
  • #GetthePicture about Water Safety?

    Each Monday, through Omaha District social media outlets, a new rebus puzzle containing a water or recreation safety message is released. Followers can try to guess the message, and the answer is revealed each Thursday. Bonus puzzles may appear at any time. Clues such as letters or the number of words may be offered if followers need help.
  • Wyoming NWP General Conditions

    Contents adapted from the Federal Register (Volume 77, Number 34) published Feb. 21, 2012. Ensure you have the latest information regarding nationwide permits by checking for updates or corrections at: http://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/CivilWorks/RegulatoryProgramandPermits/NationwidePermits.aspx To qualify for NWP authorization, the prospective permittee must comply with the following general conditions, as applicable, in addition to any regional or case-specific conditions imposed by the division engineer or district engineer.
  • Omaha District Contracting Forecast

    The Forecast Contracting Opportunities for the Omaha District is provided for informational purposes only. Publication of this list does not constitute a commitment or activation of Omaha District's acquisition process. Formal request for proposals and invitation for bids will be publicized on the Federal Business Opportunity website in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation.
  • Montana Nationwide Permit 27 Checklist

    This checklist provides assistance to applicants whose aquatic resource restoration projects in Montana are potentially authorized by Nationwide Permit 27 for STREAM AND WETLAND RESTORATION ACTIVITIES. Inclusion of applicable items from the following informational checklist will expedite review of your project.