Sample Request for Assistance Letter

Published Sept. 4, 2012

To request advanced measures or emergency assistance under PL 84-99, use the sample letter below to provide a written request to the Corps' Omaha District.

(Type / Print on Official Letterhead)


Colonel Joel R. Cross
District Commander
USACE, Omaha District
1616 Capitol Avenue
Omaha, Nebraska 68102

Dear Colonel Cross:

The [State/ Tribal Nation] is requesting assistance from the Omaha District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) under the Emergency Operations Program of Public Law 84-99.  Specifically, I am requesting assistance to - [identify the specific needs & required USACE assistance] [If requesting equipment, the following are the types of equipment that are available: Sandbags, Sandbag Machines, Pumps, HESCO, Rapid Deployable Flood Wall, & Portadams].

  • [State what has been currently committed within the state: the state/local current capabilities and efforts taken to date].
  • [State what information has been attained to date that leads the state to believe they need the Corps assistance (i.e.: National Weather Service predictions, FEMA &/or local government official’s concerns)].
  • [State any activation of State BIA, IHS, local offices and what declarations have been made. Please provide a copy of the declarations, if any have been made].

In closing, [state the POC] for the effort, .


Tribal Chairman's Signature / 
Governor’s Signature for Direct Assistance /
Governor’s Signature or Representative for Technical Assistance