Rehabilitation & Inspection Program

for Flood Control Projects

Published June 5, 2012
Administering Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 
Contact: Omaha District, (402) 995-2448
(24-hour emergency number)
Authority: Public Law 84-99, as amended
Purpose: Through regularly scheduled inspections, the program assures compliance with existing agreements that the structures and facilities constructed by the Federal government, or eligible projects constructed by non-Federal entities, for flood protection will be continuously maintained and operated to obtain the maximum benefit. Failure of local government to properly maintain their project may result in removal from the program and ineligibility for Federal assistance to rehabilitate, if damaged.
Assistance Available: USACE is authorized repair storm damaged flood control projects that have been accepted and active in the Rehabilitation and Inspection Program. For non-federal Flood Control Works, the cost share is 80% federal/ 20% non-federal for repairs. For Federally constructed Flood Control Works, it is 100% federal funds. Assistance is limited to pre-disaster conditions and level of protection.

Any FCW that remains properly maintained by a local project sponsor.  Non-Federally constructed FCW must pass an Initial Eligibility Inspection.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Public sponsorship for non-federal FCW required
  • Minimum Level of Protection
    • Urban levees: 10 years plus 2 feet freeboard 
    • Agricultural: 5 years plus 1 foot freeboard
  • Properly maintained
  • No encroachments within 15 ft of levee toe
  • No trees or brush within 15 ft of levee toe
Repair Qualifications:
  • FCW must be in Active Status of Rehabilitation and Inspection Program prior to flood event 
  • Cumulative damages greater than $15,000 
  • Benefit-cost ratio for repairs greater than 1.0 
  • Secondary/interior levees not eligible for repair 
  • Deficient/deferred maintenance is sponsor responsibility 

Application can be made by submitting a request to USACE.