Geocaching at Fort Randall

Published March 22, 2013

What is geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor activity that involves a person placing an item or container (a cache) in a location described by GPS (global positioning system) coordinates and perhaps other clues. Then, others (called finders) search for the cache using GPS technology. Often, caches contain log books for finders to sign and sometimes there are small prizes, gifts, or mementos for the finders. Many finders use information available on the internet by searching the word “geocaching”.

Is geocaching permitted at Ft Randall? Yes! We welcome geocaching as a fun and safe way to enjoy public lands managed and protected by the Ft Randall Project. There are already several caches located at Ft Randall and we look forward to more in the near future.

Is a permit required for geocaching? A permit is required to place a cache on public property managed by Ft Randall Project. However, no permit is needed to search for caches. Additionally, permits are not required for “EarthCaches” since these caches are simply locations for finders to enjoy and no items or containers are hidden.

How can I get a permit to hide a cache at Ft Randall? Permits are available at no cost to any member of the public. Simply fill out the permit appplication and mail, fax, or drop it off at the Park Ranger Office. If approved, a copy will be returned to you and the original retained by Park Rangers. If your permit is disapproved, it will be returned along with the reason for the disapproval.

Can I hide a cache at any location on Ft Randall? No. For security and safety reasons, there are areas where caches are not permitted. Areas where geocaches are not permitted include the dam, spillway, powerhouse area, mowed grassy areas, inside of any buildings, and restricted areas. Contact our Park Rangers for help in finding a spot for your cache.

Are there limitations on what items can be placed in the cache? Yes. Caches must be transparent containers and may not contain anything dangerous or highly flammable. Additionally, since use of public land is open to visitors of all ages, caches may not contain anything not suitable for families and children.

How can I get more information? Contact our Park Rangers, they will be happy to help you. Their phone number is 605-487-7845, ext 3223; our email; our fax is 605-487-9934. And finally, our address is Ft Randall Park Rangers, P.O. Box 199 , Pickstown , SD 57367