Temporary Housing Mission

Published Nov. 8, 2023

Mission Overview

Overseeing the placement of temporary housing units at individual home sites, existing mobile home parks or newly designed and constructed mobile home parks when an event has rendered existing homes uninhabitable.

FEMA’s Steps to Providing Housing Relief

  1. Provide rental and home repair assistance.
  2. FEMA may consider increasing limits on individual assistance (home repair limits, rental limits, self-help Manufactured Housing Unit [MHU] assistance).
  3. As a last resort, temporary housing Manufactured Housing Units (MHUs) may be considered:
    1. Depending on capabilities, the State may procure, transport, and set up units.
    2. In some cases, the Federal Government may take the lead (with State/Local cooperation).

USACE Mission Capabilities - DFA Missions

  • Technical Assistance to FEMA Planning Teams to determine housing needs.
  • Technical Assistance to FEMA’s Logistics Temporary Housing contract(LogHOUSE)
  • Contracting and oversight of units on individual sites (“haul and install” mission)
  • Identification and recommendations on potential sites.
  • Design and construction of mobile home parks from undeveloped land or an existing park.

Mission Considerations

  • Utility locations, specifically sewer and water availability.
  • Thorough environmental analysis prior to construction.
  • Avoid or mitigate wetlands and culturally sensitive areas.
  • Construction within the floodplain is prohibited in nearly all situations.
  • Considered and coordinate with local agencies regarding local codes.