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Category: Water Management
  • Release plans announced for Jamestown and Pipestem Reservoirs

    As Basin conditions and inflows to the reservoir are continually being evaluated and adjustments to the releases made as necessary, the latest update is provided.
  • Additional gages to provide water level data

    Two rapid-deployable, mobile stream-gages will provide short-term water level data in critical areas along the Cannon Ball River, south of Bismarck, North Dakota.
  • Reservoir levels at 3 Lincoln, NE area reservoirs to be lowered

    Reservoir levels at three Lincoln area dams will begin temporarily decreasing tomorrow, October 13. Releases from three Salt Creek dams, Wagontrain - Salt Creek 8, Stagecoach - Salt Creek 9, and Pawnee - Salt Creek 14 will begin Thursday morning and continue through October 19 or, depending upon the weather, until target pool elevations are reached.
  • Lake Audubon, ND fall drawdown brings US 83 lane closures

    A one-lane road closure on U.S. Highway 83 crossing Lake Audubon in North Dakota will begin September 27 to allow paving and the fall drawdown of Lake Audubon.
  • Bear Creek Reservoir to be lowered for inspection and repair

    Bear Creek Reservoir near Lakewood, Colorado, will be lowered 5 feet from the normal operating pool elevation of 5,558 feet to allow for inspection and repair work at Bear Creek Dam. Starting Friday, October 23, releases will be around 50 cubic feet per second (cfs) which fall within channel capacity and are significantly less than the maximum summer release of 500 cfs. The drawdown is expected to take about a week.
  • Captured flood runoff at Tri-Lakes to be gone by end of July

    Releases began ramping down at the three Tri-Lakes dams at the beginning of July to slow the rate of elevation drop in the reservoirs. After releases were reduced, rainfall runoff increased inflows to Chatfield and Bear Creek causing the reservoirs to experience slight pool rises. Both reservoirs have begun falling again.
  • Releases from Tri-Lakes Dams ramping down

    Releases for all three Tri-Lakes Dams will start ramping down this week as the flood pools continue to be evacuated. Chatfield Dam reduced releases on June 30 from 3,000 to 2,500 cubic feet per second, and on July 1 Cherry Creek Dam will drop releases from 250 cfs to 50 cfs. On July 2, Chatfield Dam will further reduce releases to 1,800 cfs and Bear Creek Dam releases will be reduced from 350 to 225 cfs. Releases will hold steady through the holiday weekend.
  • Chatfield Dam to temporarily lower release rate

    At the request of local authorities and in coordination with the State of Colorado, the release from Chatfield Dam will be reduced temporarily from 3000 cubic feet per second to 1000 cfs tomorrow morning and will be increased back to 3000 cfs by early afternoon. The release reduction will drop the South Platte River by about one foot from the dam through Denver, Colorado but will go back up tomorrow evening. The public is urged to adhere to warnings from local authorities and stay out of the river when river levels and flows are high.
  • Forecast to return Tri-Lakes Dams to normal pool levels

    The release at Chatfield Dam will be increased today from 2,500 cubic feet per second to 3,000 cfs. Releases remain unchanged at Cherry Creek Dam at 100 cfs and at Bear Creek Dam at 500 cfs until next week. Following the release change at Chatfield Dam, the combined releases from the Tri-Lakes Dams will be 3,600 cfs.
  • Releases from Colorado‚Äôs Tri-Lakes Dams impacted by recent rain

    Recent rainfall has kept local runoff downstream of the Tri-Lakes Dams high along the South Platte River and its contributing creeks downstream of Denver. Tributary flows have peaked after recent rainfall and are starting to recede. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District in coordination with the State of Colorado will hold releases at Bear Creek Dam to 500 cubic feet per second and at Cherry Creek Dam to 100 cfs. Releases from Chatfield dam will be increased today and again Tuesday. Releases were cut back last week to mitigate flood risk downstream from the dams.