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Posted 10/12/2016

Release no. 20161012-001

Eileen Williamson

OMAHA, NE - Reservoir levels at three Lincoln area dams will begin temporarily decreasing, tomorrow October 13.

Releases from three Salt Creek dams, Wagontrain - Salt Creek 8, Stagecoach - Salt Creek 9, and Pawnee - Salt Creek 14 will begin Thursday morning and continue through October 19 or, depending upon the weather, until target pool elevations are reached.

Release rates are minimal and are not expected to negatively impact the downstream channel.  

Pool elevations at the three reservoirs are being lowered 2 feet below the base of the flood pool to allow crews access for routine maintenance and instrumentation assessments. 

Current and target pool elevations are noted below.


Salt Creek 08 
Salt Creek 09 
Salt Creek 14 
 Base of flood pool 1287.8 ft 1271.1 ft 1244.3 ft
 Current Elevation 1287.27 ft 1270.38 ft 1244.59 ft
 Target Elevation 1285.8 ft 1269.1 ft 1242.3 ft