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Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

  • NWO-2018-1737-PIE

    Expiration date: 8/18/2019

    Ducks Unlimited, Inc. proposes to establish and operate a compensatory mitigation site in the upper James River geographic service area (GSA). If approved, the mitigation site would be developed under the Sponsor’s ILF program instrument titled “South Dakota Aquatic Resource In-Lieu Fee Program” and approved on November 10, 2016. The Sponsor believes that the site will produce wetland credits (i.e., functional capacity units) that can be used to fulfill advance credit sales made in the upper James River GSA under the ILF program. At the time of this public notice, the Sponsor has sold 4.7 advance credits in the upper James River GSA. The Sponsor is obligated to acquire approval and construct a mitigation site to fulfill the advance credit sales by October 1, 2020. If the mitigation site is successful and produces more wetland credits than the amount of advance credits that must be fulfilled, the Sponsor may request that the surplus credits be released for sale. If surplus credits are released for sale, they may be sold to private and public entities who are required to provide compensatory mitigation as conditioned by a Department of the Army Permit. The proposed bank is located in the Southeast ¼ of Section 5, Township 121 North, Range 61 Brown County, South Dakota.

  • NWO-2018-1207-PIE

    Expiration date: 8/6/2019

    Nielson Development requests authorization to construct a 185-lot residential housing development identified as Serenity Park in Tea, South Dakota. The project would consist of constructing infrastructure to support the development of single and multi-family residential units. Of the 23.08 acres of wetlands on the property, a total of 19.09 acres of wetlands would be impacted by the proposed project. The proposed Serenity Park housing development is a 95.5-acre parcel of land located in the northwest quarter of Section 25, Township 100 North, Range 51 West, Lincoln County, South Dakota. Ninemile Creek borders the west side of the property. The purpose of the proposed project is to provide affordable housing within the Sioux Falls metro area. As proposed, compensatory mitigation for the 19.09 acres of permanent wetland loss is to be provided on-site and off-site.

  • NWO-2010-1900-BIS

    Expiration date: 8/2/2019

    The District Engineer is evaluating a permit application from the Kindred/Davenport Airport Authority concerning a drainage improvement project at Robert Odegaard Field in Kindred, North Dakota. Existing drainage ditches at the airport are proposed to be relocated and drainage patterns changed. The main ditch would be filled, impacting approximately 1.9 acres of jurisdictional wetlands. New drainage ditches would be constructed, providing approximately 3 acres of wetlands. The project is located on the northeast side of Kindred at 111 First Avenue North. Wetlands affected are located in Section 28, Township 137 North, Range 50 West, latitude 46.648626 degrees North, Longitude -96.997241 degrees West, Kindred, Cass County, North Dakota.

  • NWO-2006-30223-PIE

    Expiration date: 8/1/2019

    Sonler Properties, LLC requests authorization to construct the Pinnacle Point residential and commercial development which would include two City of Sioux Falls arterial roadways and a stormwater detention pond. Two wetlands are located within the project area, one existing wetland on the north side of the property and one wetland adjacent to Interstate 29 (I-29). The wetlands are connected through a culvert system that was previously authorized under a Corps permit in 2007. The wetland adjacent to I-29 would not be impacted by the project. The northern wetland is proposed to be converted into a stormwater channel conveying existing stormwater from this drainage basin. In addition, the wetland would be graded for a secondary channel that would convey stormwater from a majority of the proposed development to a stormwater detention pond. Approximately 1.77 acres of wetlands would be impacted by the project. The proposed project is located in northwest Sioux Falls in Section 36, Township 102 North, Range 50 West, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.

  • NWO-2019-01043-DEN

    Expiration date: 8/8/2019

    Improve stream functions in a reach of Goldsmith Gulch to create a stable channel cross section, provide suitable stream bed material resisting erosion, and reestablish a wetland connection along the stream channel. The project area includes Goldsmith Gulch and its adjacent wetlands, located at approximately 39.606054 N, -104.88279 W, in Section 22, Township 5 South, Range 67 West, of the 6th Principal Meridian, in Greenwood Village, within Arapahoe County, Colorado.