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Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

Regulatory Office/ Permits

  • NWO-2019-00474-DEN

    Expiration date: 12/20/2019

    The proposed Fort Morgan Mitigation Bank would be a private, commercial wetland mitigation bank which would allow the bank sponsor (Westervelt) to sell wetland mitigation credits within a defined service area. The wetland credits would be created through re-establishment of historic wetlands and restoration and enhancement of existing wetlands at the project site. The wetland mitigation credits would be used to offset compensatory mitigation requirements associated with impacts to waters of the U.S. authorized by Department of the Army (DA) permit requirements.

  • NWO-2019-01921-DEN

    Expiration date: 12/16/2019

    The Mile High Flood District is proposing stabilization and improvement activities along Green Acres tributary in order to create a high-functioning, low maintenance stream, capable of supporting increased flows from future development. Overall, the channel would be designed to improve channel stability and function by providing a more geomorphically appropriate channel within a large corridor. The project would permanently impact approximately 4,897 linear feet (0.24-acre) of Green Acres tributary and 0.54-acre of wetlands.

  • NWO-2003-60272-BIS

    Expiration date: 12/4/2019

    The District Engineer is evaluating a request from Lazy S Ranch (Steve McCormick) to modify the Misty Waters Marina Development Permit issued in 2005. The extent of the modification requested is to change the approved development plan from not allowing individual boat docks to be installed on the Missouri River to allowing the Corps to permit docks on the River, if shared between two lots or located on lots designated as duplex/condo lots. Misty Waters is located north of Bismarck between River Miles 1319.2L and 1319.9L in part of the W½ of Section 11, all of Parcel 1 of Government Lot 1 in the NE¼ of Section 10 and part of the E½ of Section 10, All in Township 139 North, Range 98 West, Burleigh County, North Dakota. [Latitude 46.869016° North, Longitude -100.871101° West]

  • NWO-2019-01675-BIS

    Expiration date: 11/20/2019

    The District Engineer is evaluating a permit application from the City of Bismarck for a stormwater rehabilitation project referred to as SU-76. Hitchcock Pond as it is also referred to, is located in northeast Bismarck in the Sattler Sunrise Addition. It was constructed in the early 2000s and is needed to accommodate additional water being funneled through as residential development continues. Approximately 2.14 acres of waters of the US would be impacted. The City has offered mitigation in the form of on-site creation of 1.85 acres and purchase of 0.58-acre/credit from the Ducks Unlimited In-Lieu Fee Program. The project is located in Section 24, Township 139 North, Range 80 West, Bismarck, Burleigh County, North Dakota. [Latitude 46.843721° North, Longitude -100.718388° West]

  • NWO-2017-0784-BIS

    Expiration date: 11/13/2019

    The District Engineer is evaluating a permit application from the North Dakota Department of Transportation for reconstruction of 11.6 miles of North Dakota Highway 1804 (1804), County Road 42 (123rd Avenue NW) to the junction 17A, which would result in permanent impacts to approximately 1.69 acres of waters of the United States, including wetlands. The project is located in Sections 12, 14, 15 and 17 of Township 154 North, Range 98 West and Sections 7 and 15, Township 154 North, Range 97 West, all in Williams County. [Latitude 48.1830° North, Longitude -102.9778° West]