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  • Generator maintenance will result in water releases through spillway gates at Gavins Point Dam

    Maintenance on the generators at Gavins Point Powerplant near Yankton, South Dakota, will result in the need to release water through the spillway gates through Sept. 30.
  • Gavins Point spillway flow forecast during archery paddlefish season

    Completion of work being done on a generator at Gavins Point Dam, near Yankton, SD, will allow spillway gates to be closed near the start of archery paddlefish season. The work, which included repairs on the turbines, will be completed ahead of schedule on May 31. As soon as the generator has been checked, and is cleared to return the service, the spillway gates will be closed. Pending any unforeseen problems, the unit is expected to be returned to service on Thursday, June 3rd.
  • Gavins Point Dam powerplant generators will be shut down for inspection

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District announces that all three generators at the Gavins Point Dam powerplant near Yankton, South Dakota, will be shut down to allow for the underwater inspection of the draft tube gate slots on the downstream side of the powerplant. During this outage, all 14 spillway gates will be open to meet the authorized purposes downstream.
  • Hazardous conditions exist below Gavins Point Dam for anglers during paddlefish season

    Hazardous conditions will exist below Gavins Point Dam for anglers during paddlefish season With paddlefish snagging season set to begin Oct. 1, anglers are cautioned that hazardous conditions will exist on the Missouri River below Gavins Point Dam near Yankton, SD due to high releases
  • Gavins Point releases will divert to spillway beginning March 26

    Due to maintenance and repairs at the Gavins Point Dam power plant, water releases, which normally run through the powerhouse, will be diverted to the spillway beginning Wednesday, March 26. "We are releasing the same amount of water that we normally would. The difference is, it will be more visible to the public because we will be using the spillway instead of the powerhouse," said Dave Becker, Operations Project Manager for Gavins Point.