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Jamestown Dam releases to improve downstream ice conditions

USACE Omaha District
Published March 29, 2023

Jamestown Dam will begin making small releases to improve ice conditions downstream of the dam. Small, measured release increases began Wednesday, March 29 and will continue through early next week.

Small winter releases are often made at Pipestem and Jamestown to manage lake levels, water quality, and downstream channel conditions. Releases from Jamestown Dam will be less than 50 cubic feet per second depending on river conditions. Pipestem Dam will continue to release 17 cubic feet per second.

Both Jamestown Dam and Pipestem Dam are prepared for the upcoming runoff season. Jamestown Dam is currently occupying 0.4 percent of the flood control storage and Pipestem Dam is occupying 0 percent of the flood control storage.

Releases from the project will continue to be coordinated with federal, state, county, and local stakeholders.

Release no. 23-008