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[Plan B is a jpeg of each site from the NWK data viewer.]


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River Mile:  [Text]

Bank:  [Text]

County:  [Text]

State:  [Text]

Ownership, Management and Access

Ownership:  [Text is in size 2 and is not bold.]

Acquisition Status:  [Text]

On-Site Management:  [Managing Agency Name] administers and/or performs operation and maintenance activities on behalf of the Corps according to the terms of various agreements.

Site Access:  [Text]

Description, Use and Regulations

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Status:  [Text]

Site Use:  [Text]

Site-use Regulations:  

  • People visiting these areas must comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including hunting, fishing, etc.  In general Title 36 Part 327 of the Code of Federal Regulations governs the use of Corps property.  Other regulations may apply to properties owned by other federal agencies.
  • Special regulations and restrictions may be posted on site.

Special-use Regulations:  [Text]

For More Information

Contact Information: 

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