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Brownville Bend

Image Capture of Brownville Bend


Size (acres):  468.93

River Mile:  533.2 to 534.5

Bank:  Right descending bank

County:  Nemaha

State:  Nebraska

Ownership, Management and Access

Ownership:  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Acquisition Status:  Acquired from willing sellers between 2008 and 2013, under Water Resources Development Acts 1986 and 1999 authorizations.

On-Site Management:  Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) administers and/or performs operation and maintenance activities on behalf of the Corps according to the terms of various agreements.

Site Access:  Motor vehicles are restricted to established roadways and parking areas. 

Description, Use and Regulations

Description:  The Brownville Bend site is located along the bank of the Missouri River and is enrolled in the NRCS Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) which serves to protect, restore, and enhance wetlands. This site remains undeveloped and there are no cultivated agricultural crops on the property.

  • The major portion of this site consists of 380 acres of Missouri River floodplain between the USACE levee and the Missouri River. The remaining 88 acres lie outside the levee, adjacent to the county road and the Nemaha Natural Resources District Steamboat Trace Trail. 
  • Long-term habitat management will focus on increasing and sustaining riparian woodland habitat to provide nesting, roosting, and foraging habitat for resident and migrating songbirds, raptors, eagles, and other woodland mammals and birds. Landward of levee, management will focus on maintaining early succession grasses and forbs within the wetland and grassland community and sustaining beneficial pollinator vegetation.

Status:  Site is open to the public.  Site is in operations and maintenance status.

Site Use:  The area is available for a variety of outdoor activities including wildlife viewing, fishing and hunting (under special regulations).

Site-use Regulations:  
  • People visiting these areas must comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including hunting, fishing, etc.  In general Title 36 Part 327 of the Code of Federal Regulations governs the use of Corps property.  Other regulations may apply to properties owned by other federal agencies.
  • Special regulations and restrictions may be posted on site.

Special-use Regulations:  No target shooting, primitive camping or off-road vehicles permitted.

For More Information

Contact Information: 

  • Contact Nebraska Game and Parks Commission at (402) 471-0641 or visit the NGPC web page; it is in the "Nebraska City to Brownville" section available in the radial buttons on the left, but it is shown only on the map (at this time), rather than the list.
  • Also contact the Corps’ Missouri River Project Office at (402) 996-3761.

Story Maps Link:  http://rsgisias.crrel.usace.army.mil/story_maps/nwo/mrrp/index.html#

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