Public Notices

Category: Regulatory-ND
  • Special Public Notice - Online Application Portal

    USACE is pleased to announce that the new national online application portal and management platform, known as the Regulatory Request System (RRS) now includes an electronic submission option for permit applications. This platform has been introduced to modernize our permit application process and to address our users' expectations by providing a straightforward and transparent process for the submittal of permit requests.

  • NWO-2018-00208-BIS

    Expiration date: 5/20/2024

    District Engineer (Omaha) is evaluating a site plan submitted by North Central Mitigation, LLC (NCM) to add as an addendum to their Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument approved on April 6, 2020. The Little Family Farms Mitigation Bank Site consists of 272.49 acres located near Wyndmere in the NW¼, SW¼ and part of the SE¼ of Section 36, Township 133 North, Range 53 West, centered on Latitude 46.287198° North, Longitude -97.290012° West, Ransom County, North Dakota. Originally proposed as a standalone mitigation bank and the Corps solicited comments in 2019. The site plan was modified and recently proposed as an addendum to NCMs UMBI. A total of seven depressional wetland sites are included in the site plan. There are 139.91 acres of restorable wetlands, 32.69 acres of wetlands that would be enhanced, 0.55-acre of wetlands preserved, 2.77 acres of wetlands created and 60.57 acres of upland buffer. An additional 36 acres of existing wetlands extend beyond the easement boundary. The site is expected to generate 160.01 credits to be used to offset unavoidable impacts in the Red River Basin Regional Service Area.

  • NWO-2012-00140-BIS, Ducks Unlimited Turtle Mountain In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Site

    Expiration date: 4/12/2024

    The District Engineer (Omaha) is evaluating a site plan submitted by Ducks Unlimited, Inc. (DU) to add as an addendum to their North Dakota Aquatic Resource In-Lieu Fee Program Instrument approved on March 5, 2014. The Turtle Mountain In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Site (Site) is located one mile west of Willow Lake National Wildlife Refuge and 10 miles northeast of Dunseith in the NE¼ of Section 13 and NE¼ of Section 24, Township 163 North, Range 74 West at Latitude 48.93583° North, Longitude -100.18822° West, Bottineau County, North Dakota. DU estimates that the Site would generate 38.53 credits. Credits would be achieved primarily through restoration of wetlands, with additional credits for enhancement, creation and preservation of wetlands and minimal credit for uplands. The Regional Service Area for the Site would be the Souris River Basin Zone.