Emergency Management News Releases

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Emergency Operations News

Emergency Operations news releases are published during an activation of the Omaha District Emergency Operations Center. These releases also appear on the front page of the District Web site and the Emergency Management Web page.
  • Pool elevations for Bear Creek Dam may approach record levels

    Heavy rains since September 10, have fallen largely downstream of the three Denver-area dams operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District. Small pool rises are expected for Cherry Creek and Chatfield Lakes. Bear Creek Lake, located on Bear Creek Dam on the southwest edge of suburban Lakewood, Colo., has experienced increased inflows from the rainfall. The reservoir pool elevation is expected to approach its record elevation of 5587.1 feet, which occurred in 1995. Pool elevation data for these and other Corps-operated dams can be tracked online at http://www.nwd-mr.usace.army.mil/rcc/plots/plots.html#omaha_plots and are updated hourly.
  • Post-flood and Flood Protection Permitting

    During emergencies and times of imminent danger, landowners may decide to take action they believe is necessary to protect property. Where possible, the public should contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Denver Regulatory Office (303) 979-4120 for work associated with flood protection and repair work for flood damaged areas performed in waters of the U.S. within the State of Colorado and the Omaha District. A flood emergency does not remove the landowner's responsibility to obtain a Section 404 permit when one is required.