Emergency Management News Releases

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Emergency Operations News

Emergency Operations news releases are published during an activation of the Omaha District Emergency Operations Center. These releases also appear on the front page of the District Web site and the Emergency Management Web page.
  • Nebraska Post-flood and Flood Protection Permitting

    To address National Weather Service forecasts for river levels along the South Platte and Platte rivers in Nebraska to be in or above flood stage, landowners may decide to take action they believe is necessary to protect property. Where possible, the public should contact the Nebraska Regulatory Office (402)896-0896 for work associated with flood protection and repair work for flood damaged areas performed in waters of the U.S. within the State of Nebraska and the Omaha District. A flood emergency does not remove the landowner's responsibility to obtain a Section 404 permit when one is required.
  • Omaha District assisting communities along the South Platte River in Nebraska

    The State of Nebraska has requested assistance from the Omaha District following the National Weather Service issuing river level forecasts in flood stage along the South Platte River. District Personnel are in Big Springs, Neb., to evaluate potential concerns and advise local emergency managers about potential measures for reducing flooding risks. Residents along the South Platte River downstream from Denver, Colo., and in western Nebraska should monitor river level forecasts from the National Weather Service and make preparations to minimize damages from high river levels.
  • Cherry Creek and Bear Creek Dams begin making small water releases

    To meet water supply requirements in the Denver area, two of the three Denver-area reservoirs operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District will begin making small water releases today. Chatfield Lake remains 5.5 feet below the base of the flood control pool and no releases are scheduled. Releases from Bear Creek Dam will be 250 cubic feet per second and releases from Cherry Creek Dam will be 40 cfs, both beginning today. Over the next several days, coordination with the State of Colorado will continue, and it is likely releases will be gradually increased in order to evacuate flood control storage from these reservoirs.