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Nebraska stream condition assessment procedure available

Published Oct. 20, 2016

OMAHA, NE - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, Nebraska Regulatory Office, announces the publication Nebraska Stream Condition Assessment Procedure (NeSCAP). This Procedure has been developed for use in the evaluation of streams and floodplains/riparian areas. The intent of this assessment methodology is to provide reconnaissance level characterization in order to:

  • Document baseline information for a site prior to development activities;
  • Develop potential alternatives that may lessen impacts;
  • Guide decisions regarding the appropriate amount of compensatory mitigation required for permitted impacts; and;
  • Serve as an initial “screen” for determining the need for more detailed assessment or data needs in the evaluation of regulatory or resource management actions.

The form of this assessment procedure is thematic variables for the major physical, ecological, and anthropogenic factors that can strongly influence a stream and adjacent riparian system. Variables utilized in this method assess:

  • Hydraulic Conveyance and Sediment Dynamics
  • In-stream Habitat/Available Cover
  • Floodplain Interaction–Connectivity
  • Riparian Vegetation Composition
  • Riparian Buffer Continuity and Width
  • Riparian Land Use

Each variable receives a “Condition Index Rating” between 0.1 and 1.0 based on conditions observed or measured at the project site in conjunction with off-site information. The variables are then scored for each individual riparian reach defined for an overall Stream Condition Index (SCI).

This document has been re-evaluated from the interim document; comments and suggestions where incorporated where possible updating the document. Copies of this document and supporting materials are available on the Nebraska Regulatory Office website at:

Nothing in the NeSCAP should be interpreted as a promise or guarantee that a project following the process will be approved. Specific features of a particular project may warrant or allow for alternative analysis methods. A copy of the NeSCAP calcbook in excel spreadsheet format can be obtain by contacting the Nebraska Regulatory Office.

Questions/Comments: Questions regarding use of this procedure for specific projects must be addressed to the Project Manager handling the permit action. Other general inquiries or comments regarding this document may be addressed to or emailed to the email address below:

OMAHA, NEBRASKA 68138-3621
(402) 896-0896

Nebraska Regulatory Office - Stream Condition Assessment Procedure

Release no. 20161020-001