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Snow removal at Gavins Point Crest Road may cause closures during significant weather events

Published Nov. 26, 2019

  In the event of significant snow accumulation during the upcoming winter months, the Omaha District would like to announce that Gavins Point Crest Road may be subject to closures during snow events.

Because Gavins Point Dam is not staffed for extended or after-hours snow removal, the road conditions may not match that of state counterparts during inclement weather. As a result, caution is advised when attempting to cross during snow events.

The Omaha District will strive to retain access to the Crest Road, but if travel becomes unsafe, it will be closed. In those closure instances, the District will provide as much notice as possible.

The Gavins Point Crest Road, which connects South Dakota Hwy 52 and the Northern segment of Nebraska Hwy 121, is an Army Corps of Engineer maintained roadway.

Gary Ledbetter, Natural Resource Manager

Release no. 19-139