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Construction delayed at Gavins Point powerplant will keep Crest Road open

Published March 22, 2019
Aerial view of Gavins Point embankment, spillway and powerplant

Aerial view of Gavins Point embankment, spillway and powerplant

YANKTON, S.D. – Scheduled construction at Gavins Point powerplant is being postponed to keep the road across the dam open. This decision was made after Nebraska Department of Transportation closed the bridge on Highway 121 near Highway 81 which was damaged during recent flooding. Highway 121 is a main travel route for individuals traveling to and from the Nebraska side of Lewis and Clark Lake area.

The construction scheduled at the powerplant will require the road crossing the dam, known as Crest Road, to be closed. With the bridge closure on Highway 121, closing the Crest Road would make travel around the Nebraska side of the lake and river extremely difficult. “The work scheduled that required closing the dam is on hold pending decisions and repair of the Highway 121 bridge,” according to Tom Curran, Operations Project Manager at Gavins Point. “At the current time, it is unknown when the work will be rescheduled.”

People can stay informed by checking our web site, www.nwo.usace.army.mil/gavinspoint or by calling (402) 667-2546.

Karla Zeutenhorst

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