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Corps Announces 2018 Shoreline/Vehicle Access Policy

Published April 11, 2018
Lake Sakakawea Shoreline Access Area posted sign

Lake Sakakawea Shoreline Access Area posted sign

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announces that the public is welcome to use vehicles on the shoreline of 11 designated areas around Lake Sakakawea. The Corps encourages the public to use these areas to drive vehicles to the shoreline for fishing and other day use activities. These areas are in addition to all the current recreation areas around the lake to accommodate the shore anglers or day-use visitors who are hindered by the distance of shoreline between normal pool and the existing water’s edge.

Vehicles should be used for transporting people and gear associated with day-use recreation activities to and from the water’s edge. The public is prohibited from driving ATV’s, digging or collecting artifacts, camping, or having open fires. Rules signs are posted at the entrance to these areas. Additional white or brown fiberglass signs may be posted, stating “No Motor Vehicles” aligned perpendicular to the water’s edge marking the parameters of the shoreline access areas. Shore anglers or day-use visitors can also access the shoreline at any existing boat ramp area. Vehicular operation in these areas is restricted within designated parking areas.

“In some instances, shoreline access areas are not authorized due to safety concerns, terrain conditions that limit drivable access, concerns with effects on endangered species, or cultural resources,” said Nathan Busche, natural resources specialist.

The majority of the shoreline along Lake Sakakawea is open to the public via walk-in access, Busche said. Some areas may be closed due to nesting of threatened and endangered species If this occurs those areas will be posted with signage.

Shoreline access points for vehicles for the 2018 season are: Dead man’s Bay (west Wolf Creek), Wolf Creek WMA- East Area, Wolf Creek low water ramp area, Deepwater Creek (low water), Fish & Camp Court (Deepwater Bay area), Four Bears, Renner Bay, Beulah Bay (Pebble Beach), Garrison (Near Owl Site), Pouch Point Recreation Area, Beaver Creek (low water).

Should you have further questions please contact: Nathan Busche, Natural Resource Specialist/Park Ranger, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Garrison Project. Phone: 701-654-7757, email: Nathan.r.busche@usace.army.mil

Nathan Busche

Release no. 18-028