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Winter Access to Fort Peck Lake limited

Published Feb. 15, 2018

OMAHA, NE- Recreationists accessing Fort Peck Lake and the Dredge Cuts this winter are reminded that motorized vehicle use is only permitted on public roads, numbered roads, boat ramps, or designated ice access routes within U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Recreation Areas. Properly licensed or registered motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles and ATVs, are limited to operation on these identified roads and trails.  All other off-road vehicle operations are prohibited on USACE lands.  This prohibition includes driving along the shoreline of Fort Peck Lake or the Dredge Cuts between the frozen lake and the high water mark except for the purpose of navigating around an ice pressure ridge or open water by the shortest route, not to exceed 1/8 mile.  

Once on the ice, recreationists may travel safely at their discretion; however, the US Army Corps of Engineers does not encourage or recommend driving on the ice at any time. Thin ice or open water may exist near springs and pressure ridges and conditions change throughout the winter.   

 In addition to recreation area boat ramps, the following designated routes for ice access are available on Fort Peck Project:  the road behind the Shaft Buildings; First Dredge Cuts access road south west of the Park Grove Bridge; Second Dredge north parking lot immediately south of the vault toilet; and Pines Recreation Area road #1300 to the shoreline. 

For more information, call the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Peck Project Natural Resources staff at (406) 526-3411.

Sue Dalbey
406-526-3411 x 3755

Release no. 18-009