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Missouri River Recovery Program holds Adaptive Management Workshop

Published Feb. 8, 2018
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb. - The Missouri River Recovery Program held an Adaptive Management Workshop here Feb. 6-7. The workshop was followed by Bird, Fish, and Human Considerations team meetings on Feb. 8.

At the workshop, Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee members representing Missouri River basin Tribes, stakeholder interest groups, states and federal agencies were able to discuss the most recent science pertaining to three threatened and endangered species in the river: the pallid sturgeon, interior least tern, and piping plover. Several observers and members of the public also attended. Scientists provided information on recent research and proposed research questions and hypotheses for further study as part of the Missouri River Recovery Program’s (MRRP) strategic five-year plan. MRRP is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers program that seeks to avoid jeopardizing the three species as a result of congressionally authorized projects on the river.

Following the workshop, the teams met individually to delve more in-depth into the strategic plan. The teams consist of MRRIC’s Bird, Fish, and Human Considerations workgroups as well as staff from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The MRRIC workgroups will meet again in April to discuss whether to provide recommendations during their reports to the MRRIC committee as a whole at the meeting in May. MRRIC makes consensus recommendations to the Corps and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding MRRP implementation.

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