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Several changes are coming to campsites operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

Published April 6, 2017


Several changes are coming to campsites operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

Changes include how visitors will reserve and pay for campsites.  “To keep up with available technology and to follow the lead of other USACE and State Campgrounds in the region, Hazelton and Beaver Creek Campgrounds are going to be 100% reservable with a 120 day booking window.  This change in the collection process, will result in an easier process for visitors and staff.”

The recreation season will run from May 1 to September 30. 

Reservations for all sites must be made through Reserve America by going online to Recreation.gov or by calling the toll free reservation line at 1-877-444-6777. This will include all the campsites at both campgrounds that had previously been First Come First Camp sites.  Same day reservations will now be available by calling the toll free number. Cash and checks will no longer be directly accepted at Hazelton Campground or Beaver Creek Campgrounds. “We are asking that campers make reservations before arriving at the campground. Even if visitors decide to go camping at the last minute, there is still the opportunity to book same day reservations at a campsite by calling or going online before you leave your house, while you are on the road, or when you arrive at the campground,” said Voeller.

Visitors who call the toll free number to make a same day reservation will be given a reservation number; which is needed to complete the registration card that they will display on their campsite marker.

“If a visitor arrives at one of our campgrounds without an advanced reservation, there will be information posted at our registration stations explaining what they must do to make a same day reservation. This can be done by calling the toll free number with their cell phone, or they can visit the website if they have a smart phone,” said Voeller.

There are no group campsites at either of the campgrounds, so all campers must be on their own numbered campsite.  One family unit, with one camping unit per site is what is allowed .” said Voeller

The fee schedule will remain as follows:


Quantity - Site Type

Per Night, Per Site Fee

Beaver Creek Campground

16– Non-electric

$14 off peak season/$16 peak season

Beaver Creek Campground

45– Electrical Amenities

$16 off peak season/$20 peak season

Hazelton Campground

18– Non-Electric


Hazelton Campground

12 – Electrical Amenities



USACE is the nation’s largest federal provider of outdoor recreation, managing more than 400 lake and river projects in 43 states and hosting more than 370 million visits per year. With 90 percent of these recreation areas within 50 miles of metropolitan areas they provide a diverse range of outdoor activities close to home and to people of all ages.

Interagency passes will be available at the Project Office in Pierre, South Dakota and at the Bismarck Field Office for Lake Oahe. The Bismarck Field Office is located at 1513 South 12th Street, Bismarck, North Dakota. 

John Voeller

Release no. 17-031