Contact Information

Address: 1616 Capitol Ave., Omaha, Nebraska, 68102-4901


Phone: 402-995-2417



Twitter: @OmahaUSACE


The Office of Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Office offers a variety of services, including news releases, public and media queries, community relations, crisis communications, media relations, support for briefings and presentations, web page review, and speakers. Other responsibilities of the Public Affairs Office include internal information, brochures, photojournalism, displays, media training and assistance in special events. 

Public Affairs Team

  • Steven Wolf, Chief, Public Affairs Office
  • Nyime Gilchrist, Deputy Chief, Public Affairs Office
  • Frederick Hoyt, Public Affairs Specialist
  • Jason Colbert, Public Affairs Specialist
  • Sam Weldin, Public Affairs Specialist
  • Sarah Rich, Public Affairs Specialist

Omaha District Magazine
The Omaha District Magazine is an annual publication representing the work conducted as a district. It emphasizes a forward-thinking workforce that is always planning for the next project or making sure the Corps can do what needs to be done. 

News Brief
The News Brief was a regular publication produced by the Public Affairs Office for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District designed to communicate to the workforce and public stakeholders. The digital archive of the magazine spans from 2001 to 2012.

Operation Mighty Mo
During the historic flooding in 2011, the Missouri River Joint Information Center Produced two issues of Operation Mighty Mo to help communicate flooding response efforts across the Missouri River Basin.