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Omaha District commander signs Chatfield Reservoir Water Storage Agreement

Omaha District Commander Col. Joel R. Cross, signed the Water Storage Agreement for the Chatfield Water Reallocation Project in Lakewood, Colo., today. The agreement will be between the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Colorado Water Conservation Board and Department of the Army. Upon execution, storage from the flood control purpose will be reallocated to joint flood control-conservation purposes in the Chatfield Reservoir under the authority of - Section 808 (Water Resources Development Act of 1986); River and Harbor Act of 1958.

Assistant Secretary of the Army approves water reallocation agreement for Colorado

The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, Jo-Ellen Darcy, approved the water reallocation agreement for the Chatfield Water Reallocation Project in Lakewood, Colorado, in a memo sent to the Omaha District on September 30. Signature authority for the agreement was delegated to Omaha District Commander Col.Joel R. Cross.

Holmes Lake pool levels rise

Heavy rains recently caused pool rises at Holmes Lake (Salt Creek Dam #17). The reservoir is not currently expected to reach its record pool elevation of 1250.0 feet, which occurred on July 24, 1993. Pool elevation forecasts could change depending on future rainfall. The flood control pool begins at 1242.4 feet at which point the reservoir begins making releases over a weir. Current releases are around 80 cubic feet per second. The pool elevation is slowly dropping and will continue to fall as inflows recede and releases over the weir continue.

News Stories

Futures in engineering begin in middle school

Take 35 enthusiastic middle school students, mix in a natural resource specialist, a biologist, an engineer and the backdrop of the Missouri River, with a barge and a dredger, and you get an education for our students, one STEM at a time.

Where to go in a Zombie Apocalypse? What about a Nuclear Attack?

Zombies. They’re at your door. Sure, this time it’s just trick or treaters. BUT... What would you do if it were really zombies? Where would you go? What supplies would you need? Where would you use the bathroom? How would you get food or water and where would you sleep? Instead of zombies, think 1960s and the threat? A potential nuclear disaster. Just in time for Halloween, peek into life in a fallout shelter as presented in a display at the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center at Gavins Point Dam during the 2014 recreation season.

Twenty-five years after the earthquake recovery effort

The 1989 Earthquake, 25 years ago on this date, October 17, in California brought teams of experts from all across the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers footprints, to assist with assessing damage, to quilling nerves, to just being there as a listener, as many lives and homes were devastated on this day.

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