Security Engineering

Security Engineering

This is a five-day training class covering the Security Engineering Unified Facilities Criteria.

Current Class Schedule

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Security Engineering Humphreys Engineer Center, Springfield, VA


3 April 2017

7 April 2017

PDC Open Enrollment

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Security Engineering Humphreys Engineer Center, Springfield, VA


5 June 2017

9 June 2017

There is no open enrollment for the OPMG-sponsored courses. Allocations
will be sent to Major Commands (i.e. IMCOM HQs). The commands will send Mr.
Hunter (HQDA PMG) a list of personnel attending based on their allocations
and he will directly email the students a registration form. As it looks like right now,
the Army will fill every seat for the 2 SET courses.


For more information on OPMG-sponsored classes, please contact Mr. Nick
Hunter at 703-614-2597 or by e-mail


Security Engineering Humphreys Engineer Center, Springfield, VA


7 August 2017 11 August 2017

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Security Engineering RedStone Arsenal, Alabama


TBD 2017

TBD 2017

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Course Description

The Security Engineering Training course is presented to an interdisciplinary group including engineering planners and designers, as well as provost marshal/security and law enforcement personnel.  The course emphasizes cooperation between the security and engineering communities and instructs attendees on the joint development of design criteria and protective measures to mitigate criminal and terrorist threats to assets.  Using a meaningful common reference system, course graduates can incorporate physical security and security engineering  principles into construction projects at their inception and maintain a level of cooperation throughout the planning and design process. The class will prepare provost marshal/security and law enforcement personnel to more effectively implement new force protection/anti-terrorism directives and regulations.  This course covers the information contained in Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01, "DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings;" UFC 4-010-02, "DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standoff Distances for Buildings;" Technical Manual(TM) 5-853-1/AFMAN 32-1071, Volume 1, "Security Engineering - Project Development" and TM 5-853-2/AFMAN 32-1071, Volume 2, "Security Engineering - Concept Design."  The manuals provide a process by which protective measures that counter threats to assets can be determined and integrated into a total protective system.  The manuals also provide a means to estimate a preliminary cost for the system.

Who should attend?

The contents of this class contain information that is For Official Use Only.  Therefore, attendees are limited to representatives of US government agencies.  The class is intended for civilian and military (commissioned officer, warrant officer, and enlisted) personnel involved in antiterrorism, security or engineering support of security. Security personnel may include people from provost marshal or other federal government security and law enforcement offices, especially those personnel involved in physical security or force protection. Engineer personnel may include planners and designers from Corps of Engineers offices, Directorates of Public Works and Base Civil Engineers. In addition, antiterrorism officers, emergency management personnel and those responsible for key asset protection will benefit from this course. Personnel from installation level, major command level, and Corps of Engineers district and division levels are encouraged to attend. Representatives from other federal government agencies may also attend.

Course Offerings

Two regular open-enrollement (in-house) classes and numerous contracted (outside) classes are presented each year. Classes have been taught in Europe, Asia, and throughout the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska). Past attendees have included personnel from all branches of the Department of Defense and representatives of many other federal agencies.  The two open-enrollment classes are generally presented in the second and fourth quarters at the Humphreys Engineer Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Additionally, Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) can be sent to teach the Security Engineering class at the sponsor's location.  The sponsor must pay all expenses related to bringing the class to their location.  Also, the sponsor controls the student registration, and is responsible for providing the training facility.  If you are interested in arranging for a MTT to come to your location, contact us at the links given below.  MTT courses can only be offered to DoD and other federal agencies.

Contact Information

Course Registration
Security Engineering Class Registrar
(402) 995-2393

Class Coordinator/Other Questions
Security Engineering Program Manager
(402) 995-2930

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