US Army Corps of Engineers
Omaha District

Pierce Levee Restoration Information

Background: The Pierce – North Branch Elkhorn Right Bank Levee System was damaged during the 2019 Flood Event, leading to the Project Sponsor submitting a Public Law (PL) 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance request to the US Army Corps of Engineers – Omaha District.

Current Action: Construction contract has been advertised and is currently out for bids.

Next Steps:

  1. Complete the Engineering and Design process.
  2. Advertise and award the levee repair construction contract.
  3. Repair the system to its authorized level of flood risk management.

Status Updates:

11 July 2019 – The construction contract to rehabilitate the Pierce Levee System was advertised on 02 July 2019, and the pre-bid site walk was conducted on 09 July 2019. Bids are due from Contractors on 02 Aug 2019 and pending availability of funding from HQUSACE the project is anticipated to be awarded in mid-August.

26 June 2019 – An initial site damage assessment and economic analysis has been completed.  From this initial assessment the USACE team has determined that there are damages to the levee system that are eligible for PL 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance. The USACE team is coordinating with the Levee Sponsor on the design of the overall levee repair project.

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Pierce Levee Imagery

Rutting damage identified by the USACE team during the initial site inspection of Pierce levee in Pierce, Iowa conducted May 29, 2019.

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